There is a tiny hedgehog in our garden XD so cute! Must be one of this year's babbies. I put a few of the dog's treats out for it to munch on, but it ran away...

Then it came back to chomp away XD such a cute little thing. chomp chomp chomp.

I think it's small enough to get out of the garden, but it reminds me that I would like to put a hedgehog tunnel under the fence. Just need a bit of wide pipe or something... 'cos the fat hedgies always get stuck. o_o

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Who called it 'Cadence of Hyrule' and not 'The Legend of Zeldancer'? :blobcatcoffee:

Oh god I keep meaning to take a photo of my old fat pikachu toy for masto. I'm sorry I'm letting you all down! If you touch his feet he says "pikachu", but really quiet 'cos it's from the 90s and/or I need to change his batteries.

I wish I had more of my old pokemon, but it's just him and my little eevee.

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We are watching OG batman 

We are watching OG batman 

We are watching OG batman, caps 

Follow me for hot takes on tv shows that ended ages ago and no one cares about anymore. Give me ten years and I'll get around to big bang theory :blobpeek:

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(kinda wish I had bought more of these so that I could give them to my friends and be like join meeeeeeee.... heheh. I do know at least one person who likes making bracelets tho so it's not as mock sinister as I'm being)

Oh, it comes with some beads too. The thread is standard embroidery thread, which is not the best for kumihimo... But if you're new to it then it'll do. If you already do it then you already have better thread! :blobcatcoffee: (here is where I don't know whether to mention my favourite seller for kumihimo thread because gdi it's miiiine! ok I'll tell if asked)

Also the instructions are terrible. Look it up online instead. :psyduck:

Randomly, crafting people over here... atm flying tiger are selling sets of 2 kumihimo discs + some thread for Β£4. It's branded as a "DIY friendship bracelet" kit though, so don't ask for kumihimo if you can't find it: it'll just confuse the staff probably XD

(I got one 'cos the small foam discs wear out after a while, so what the hell, might as well)

They have a lot of japan-esque stuff in rn for fellow weebs who are like me and like that shit.

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Skyrim, lewd 


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I have watched bojack horseman so many times, and I only just realised that in season 1, the scene where bojack's mother tells young him to do the lollipop dance for her friends to earn love mirrors the earlier scene where bojack tells young sarah lynn that she has to keep acting because the audience are the only people who will love her. Like both kids are hiding under a table and both parent figures raise the table cloth in the same way.

How did I not get this before!? :psyduck:

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