Don't worry, I'm not mean. I let her out on condition that she comes right back in when she's done.

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me: waffles about Metal Gear lore
@bentosmile: "I just realised their pairing would be Snocelot"

hot tip bozos: u dont need to pay the water bill!!!! u can just stick ur head out of the window when it rains and rapid-fire mlem as fuckin hard as u can

m a k e
y o u r
v i d e o g a m e s
f e e l
l i k e
l o n g
w a r m
e m b r a c e

tfw you realise klingon weapons all look like really bad tribal tattoos :blobpeek:

"Ostrich" is etymologically from a two-word Latin phrase, "avis struthio". "Avis struthio" means "ostrich bird".

"struthio" (which means "ostrich") comes from "struthiocamelus", which is from Greek στρουθιοκάμηλος, both of which mean "ostrich". But στρουθιοκάμηλος is built from two other words: στρουθόs, "sparrow" + κάμηλος "camel".

So etymologically, an ostrich is a "sparrow camel bird".

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Obviously if you're working on something big, a water filled brush or regular brush (depends on how portable your setup is) is fine. But if you want to get into tiny bits a brush might be too wet for, the marker thing is useful.

Oh yeah, I saw someone on here say that they just started getting into watercolour pencils... And it reminded me of a little technique I started using.

So, I mostly lay down some colour like normal with pencils, but without the need to be super careful/neat. Then I use a water based blender marker (the tombow brush ones) to wet the colour just enough to blend it. Means you can be super precise, and don't get soggy paper. Keep a scrap piece to clean the marker between shades. :blobcatcoffee:

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Anyway, videogames tangent. I'm surprised the next splatfest is so soon! I would have thought that Nintendo would schedule it for after Christmas, so people who get one as a present could get in on the happy splatfest fun. (I really like splatfest. It's so pure and joyful. It reminds me why I want to make games)

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