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bentosmile 🍱

every time I read before bed, it makes me really wanna get back to writing, but it doesn't carry over to the next day so I just end up feeling frustrated that I can't get up at 2am and get on with my own stuff. o_o;

(read something good, I mean. rn still reading the count of monte cristo. dude is such a troll)

This dog wants to help you with your problems

Happy Holidays! πŸ˜πŸŽ„

You've heard a Lynx.... 'meow', but have you heard a baby Lynx do it?

and a fluffy obnoxious monster on its walk this morning, when I could get it to stop trying to eat everything in its path for a moment

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we have so many leftovers that I think I'll be having teriyaki beef for breakfast o_o

yeah I know it's lunchtime... Β¬_Β¬;;; I am bad at sleep.

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I made a Twitter moment and I suppose this is a thing that could come to Mastodon too

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oh shit squishable jackalope O_O waaaah why did I look through the site ;o;

(especially as they offer cheaper international shipping than they used to, apparently. usually I avoid unless I'm gonna buy a bunch 'cos the shipping is as much as a toy)

wah, I should list some things I like for sneepsnop o_o;;; uhm

*cute things
*japanese things
*cute japanese things

When the #MastoKAL2017 started, there was a request for another event in January to be about all fiber arts, with the name #yarnuary.

I've written up some plans here:

The broad idea is to share our yarn workβ€”skilled and beginner alikeβ€”with the #yarnuary tag. I've also come up with some optional learning challenges.

Won't you join us?

#SticksandString #knitting #crochet #yarn #weaving #handspinning #tatting #felting #embroidery #needlework #nalbinding #fiber #fibre