Doggo is too tired to work computer. Doggo sleep instead.

When I say realised, I mean like 2 weeks ago when I was watching that part. I just forgot to mention it

(never underestimate the value of music for learning languages haha)

I realised Lost had a character whose name translated into "Dr Doctor" and I'm just... Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy

I can't believe prince of persia 2 predicted r patts!

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Been watching Lost Show more

Magician, but pronounced like magic ian

(only ians can be magicians)

Random reminder that did us all the massive favor of reading 50 shades of shit and clearly detailing every bit of abuse, bullshit, and appropriation og WIITWD. So keep the link handy to send to the next Mr. Grey who hits you up on fet.

#kink #bdsm

If you want to thank Pervocracy for killing his braincells on our behalf, he has an Etsy store.

Kinda annoying how being more media literate than I was 10 years ago ruins some stuff. But part of that might be down to the political climate changing, as fascism is no longer a fringe movement but a proper (albeit still small) threat. So a reading of a text 10 years later is kinda... Makes me a bit uncomfortable because the parallels in it rewrite the past in some ways, and in others pave the way for fashy stuff like attack on titan ("similarities r coincidence" my arse)

Sorry for being so slow to add new follow requests... I usually try within a day or so, but I've had less time for social media. idk when that'll improve. Better hope masto is around in 18 years time lol

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Watching netflix...

David Attenborough: this is the story of how lizards and reptiles survive.
me: by being smol and eating bug :blobaww:

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Every time I see Friends on TV now... 'cos all the women have drawn on eyebrows, I get distracted thinking how weird it must be to wake up in the morning with no eyebrows*. o_o

*on purpose. Obviously people might lack eyebrows for other reasons, which is fine.

Giant hedgehog friend being rescued from the garden by @theoutrider (they can get in, but have trouble getting back out. Mebbe we need to dig a hedgehog tunnel)

Srsly this guy was huuuuuge!

Oh yeah, I wanted to show off the plushie I bought, 'cos I figure it's the sort of thing masto would appreciate XD

(I'm so weak when it comes to cute stuff)

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