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bentosmile 🍱

I wonder if I can leave chrome running while playing starbound... or if it'll eat all the ram. ¬_¬; gdi chrome...!!!

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it's been too long again since I last


whee, I spent a lot of yesterday playing starbound (and trying to make it run properly). guess what!

I suck at PC games -_- I get flustered by the controls when it's stressful and die in stupid ways.

(however I am a cute birb!)

thought - porn pseudonyms should be called "lewdonyms"

yay I finished the next issue of my comic! now I can do other things and stop complaining about it not being done o_o;;;

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gdi. just as the sun's gone blood red here, it's covered with cloud :( boooo

srsly, the sun looks like a tangerine. wish my ipod could take a decent photo ¬_¬

even in Cambridge we have a bit of red sun... tho not as bad as farther west. still feels like evening even tho it's afternoon (it's a lot more orange than this pic makes it seem)

that final stage of plushie making where you spend 5 minutes squishing the ever loving shit out of it to even out the stuffing. squish squish. argh it's still gonna take time to settle o_o

5 minutes to sew, at least half an hour to stuff -_-

stuffing toys and lettering comics are the same - they both take too long and it's easy to forget that.

ok, even though I've still not finished drawing (what the hell is wrong with me?!? ARGH) it's time to sew! I do love my sewing machine :3

bird people are the best rpg animal race thingy. see: zelda botw and windwaker, suikoden 3, king of dragon pass...

everyone (ok, 2 people) playing starbound makes me wanna play it, even though I don't really play PC games. I only have my laptop ^^;

I wanna be a cute birb person tho.


if americans pronounce names ending in "-stein" as "steen", how come they don't say "frankensteen"?

this comes up reasonably often, 'cos I keep making @theoutrider try them, and then he forgets they exist and then the cycle repeats.

who here remembers fry's chocolate creams? XD I say remember, but you can still get them. though they were more common in the late 80s/early 90s I think. I don't think you can get the fruit ones anymore though.

Sunny demanded the patio door open but then didn't go outside, instead did this