Giant hedgehog friend being rescued from the garden by @theoutrider (they can get in, but have trouble getting back out. Mebbe we need to dig a hedgehog tunnel)

Srsly this guy was huuuuuge!

Oh yeah, I wanted to show off the plushie I bought, 'cos I figure it's the sort of thing masto would appreciate XD

(I'm so weak when it comes to cute stuff)

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Watching old anime on netflix. Got this far in fullmetal alchemist. (show hasn't all aged well)

I don't know the source, sadly, but this is too awesome not to share!

A pillow embroidered with the image of a pillow with a cat sitting on it.
Below that a second pillow with the same embroidery but an actual cat sitting right on top of the cat embroidery.

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Trivago ads have finally reached peak furry with the Trivago lady dressed as a hamster. omg

Kinda frustrated that I don't have the spoons to go to London :( which means no autograph, probably missing my last chance :/ I knew it was too much to hope for :(

Feeling bad 'cos I'm not online really atm. (phone Internet is hard) hope everyone is doing ok!

The sparrow fledglings have been coming back every day... And now they're big enough to use the feeder by themselves, so just the two little ones stop by now, without their mum. (I can tell it's them because one is smaller than the other) :blobmiou:

The family of sparrows keeps coming to visit. They are the sweetest thing! The way the babies flutter their wings for attention is just soooo precious :blobaww: they are so wholesome, I wish I could get a photo but they move too fast.

HOLY SHIT just saw the cutest thing! A mother sparrow and her 2 fledglings were at the bird feeder... The mum was hopping on and grabbing some fat while her kids waited on the fence, then she hopped up next to them to feed them the fat. It was soooo cuuuute seeing them wait, beaks open! They all flew off together, so I'm imagining she's taking her babies on a "here's how you find food" tour. :thinkhappy:

Transferred my photos from my old phone. Only had a couple of Sunny, but I didn't want to lose them. So here's doggo as a teen, trying to lick condensation off a frappe :blobnom:

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