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I know most people already know (hewwo) but I mostly post over at now. Hoorah! Apologies to anyone who has tried to follow me here. Go try follow me there! I'll probably okay you if you're a human being.

I'm still keeping this account tho. It's miiiiiineeee.

I know most people already know (hewwo) but I mostly post over at now. Hoorah! Apologies to anyone who has tried to follow me here. Go try follow me there! I'll probably okay you if you're a human being.

I'm still keeping this account tho. It's miiiiiineeee.

There is a tiny hedgehog in our garden XD so cute! Must be one of this year's babbies. I put a few of the dog's treats out for it to munch on, but it ran away...

Then it came back to chomp away XD such a cute little thing. chomp chomp chomp.

I think it's small enough to get out of the garden, but it reminds me that I would like to put a hedgehog tunnel under the fence. Just need a bit of wide pipe or something... 'cos the fat hedgies always get stuck. o_o

Religion, ricky gervais 

I saw an article titled "ricky gervais highlights worst misconceptions about atheism", and I thought it was going to be about how not all atheists are smug shitbags like ricky gervais...

...but it was not. :( disappointed :psyduck:

Videogames, silly 

🎢How many crates must a man crouch around, before they call him a man... 🎢

Who called it 'Cadence of Hyrule' and not 'The Legend of Zeldancer'? :blobcatcoffee:

Oh god I keep meaning to take a photo of my old fat pikachu toy for masto. I'm sorry I'm letting you all down! If you touch his feet he says "pikachu", but really quiet 'cos it's from the 90s and/or I need to change his batteries.

I wish I had more of my old pokemon, but it's just him and my little eevee.

Lewd, games 

If you call your mobile game "balls control" just... No. Can't have it on my phone. Not gonna happen. Nope. No. Tooooooo much

We are watching OG batman 

Batman always has a foundation to rehabilitate any women involved in crime.

This has the opposite effect than intended and makes me want to punch him in the dick. :blobpeek:

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We are watching OG batman 

Batman uses the phrase "hoisted by their own petard" way more often than would ever be required for tv. I am dying! :psyduck:

Now the joker has stolen all the milk from the vending machine in school to turn kids into criminals, oh god whyyyy

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We are watching OG batman, caps 

IT'S THE SIXTIES AND SOMEONE IS STEALING HATS, and some old lady blames it on COMMUNISTS I can't even :psyduck:

Follow me for hot takes on tv shows that ended ages ago and no one cares about anymore. Give me ten years and I'll get around to big bang theory :blobpeek:

How I met your mother, drugs, alcohol, bad scottish bands 

Things which himym thinks are bad to say to your teenage children: that you smoked pot in college, that you smoked pot after college, the word "shit".

Things which himym thinks are fine to say to your teenage children: details of every sexual conquest you had before their mum, including ones you had in college, drinking drinking drinking, that horrible proclaimers song.

(kinda wish I had bought more of these so that I could give them to my friends and be like join meeeeeeee.... heheh. I do know at least one person who likes making bracelets tho so it's not as mock sinister as I'm being)

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Oh, it comes with some beads too. The thread is standard embroidery thread, which is not the best for kumihimo... But if you're new to it then it'll do. If you already do it then you already have better thread! :blobcatcoffee: (here is where I don't know whether to mention my favourite seller for kumihimo thread because gdi it's miiiine! ok I'll tell if asked)

Also the instructions are terrible. Look it up online instead. :psyduck:

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Randomly, crafting people over here... atm flying tiger are selling sets of 2 kumihimo discs + some thread for Β£4. It's branded as a "DIY friendship bracelet" kit though, so don't ask for kumihimo if you can't find it: it'll just confuse the staff probably XD

(I got one 'cos the small foam discs wear out after a while, so what the hell, might as well)

They have a lot of japan-esque stuff in rn for fellow weebs who are like me and like that shit.

Skyrim, lewd, gross? 

Still watching @theoutrider play skyrim...

"I know they had to give the days fantasy names, but did they have to change 'thursday' to 'turd ass'?"

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Skyrim, lewd 

I am watching @theoutrider play skyrim, and I'm like, "I bet someone has done a best value to weight analysis, and the best item is either something really boring like a ring, or something really weird like a... skeleton penis"


What the hell, this is the biggest blueberry I have ever seen! Like all the other blueberries on this tart must be intimidated XD

Bojack horseman, death, spoilers 

I was talking to @theoutrider about how the show introduces or just slips stuff by, and then brings it back around. Like the first thing bojack says to herb is "get cancer jerkwad", and it's shown before the audience knows he has cancer. Then there's the whole 'bojack kills' bit, and of course the last drug they do before sarah lynn dies is the bojack branded heroin she just happens to find.

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