I have watched bojack horseman so many times, and I only just realised that in season 1, the scene where bojack's mother tells young him to do the lollipop dance for her friends to earn love mirrors the earlier scene where bojack tells young sarah lynn that she has to keep acting because the audience are the only people who will love her. Like both kids are hiding under a table and both parent figures raise the table cloth in the same way.

How did I not get this before!? :psyduck:


Bojack horseman, death, spoilers 

I was talking to @theoutrider about how the show introduces or just slips stuff by, and then brings it back around. Like the first thing bojack says to herb is "get cancer jerkwad", and it's shown before the audience knows he has cancer. Then there's the whole 'bojack kills' bit, and of course the last drug they do before sarah lynn dies is the bojack branded heroin she just happens to find.

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