Skyrim, lewd 

I am watching @theoutrider play skyrim, and I'm like, "I bet someone has done a best value to weight analysis, and the best item is either something really boring like a ring, or something really weird like a... skeleton penis"

Skyrim, lewd, gross? 

Still watching @theoutrider play skyrim...

"I know they had to give the days fantasy names, but did they have to change 'thursday' to 'turd ass'?"

Skyrim, lewd, gross? 

@bentosmile @theoutrider It鈥檚 bothersome to me that they give months and days fantasy names *but by an extraordinary coincidence* there are 12 months in a year and 7 days in a week.


Skyrim, lewd, gross? 

@danielcassidy @theoutrider the harvest moon approach always amuses me though XD 4 months/seasons each with 30 days... Which I think means that some of them have 6 day weeks to make it evenly fit the calendar.

(never gonna forget how in wonderful life, selling an animal gets you a cutscene of your farm hand taking it off for a walk super early in the morning XD)

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