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bentosmile 🍱

sorry for the rubbish photo, but this is where Sunny sits every morning after @theoutrider leaves, trying to listen to him cycling to work XD

yay check out this super gay yarn! I can't wait to crochet it O_O

idea: a version of pop up pirate, but with majima in a bin instead! (like this)

Sega, if you knew how to make money, you would do it!!!

super tiny teruterubozu, crocheted in cotton dk. I might write the instructions out sometime as it's so small and therefore quick to make :3

ok, it's a bit late, but here's a peaceful panda for . I think this is the weirdest toy I've ever made ^^;;

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(I hope this link works, wah ;o;)

I finished my christmas kitty pattern, and put it up on ravelry for free! hopefully you can see it here

(also, hoping I've not made any mistakes XD )

Sunny is happy with her christmas present of some munchy treats and a squeaky hotdog

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