Giant hedgehog friend being rescued from the garden by @theoutrider (they can get in, but have trouble getting back out. Mebbe we need to dig a hedgehog tunnel)

Srsly this guy was huuuuuge!

Oh yeah, I wanted to show off the plushie I bought, 'cos I figure it's the sort of thing masto would appreciate XD

(I'm so weak when it comes to cute stuff)

Watching old anime on netflix. Got this far in fullmetal alchemist. (show hasn't all aged well)

Transferred my photos from my old phone. Only had a couple of Sunny, but I didn't want to lose them. So here's doggo as a teen, trying to lick condensation off a frappe :blobnom:

jong (jean thong)

(omfg why!)

marked sensitive for butts.

hey guys the lost in space reboot looks really good

oh damn. there's a trailer for a (kinda bleh) looking show where people show off their products and the audience gets to vote on whether they'd buy them. but I realised, the trailer answers that age old question of "if a dog wore trousers, how would it wear them?"

spoiler it's the first one. (adding the meme for reference)

baby's first sonic the hedgehog (set them on the path to furrydom early)

BREAKING NEWS! there are absolutely NO WOMEN in the world with the surname "Jones". you all have to change it to "Joan", because... I dunno boobs or something?

(from )

it's been posted before, it'll get posted again... the bestest image on the internet! tfw you realise you made a biiiiiig mistake!

made some tiny toys for tiny babies. :3 gonna try get around to putting up the pattern for free at some point hopefully.

sorry for the rubbish photo, but this is where Sunny sits every morning after @theoutrider leaves, trying to listen to him cycling to work XD

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