Every time I see Friends on TV now... 'cos all the women have drawn on eyebrows, I get distracted thinking how weird it must be to wake up in the morning with no eyebrows*. o_o

*on purpose. Obviously people might lack eyebrows for other reasons, which is fine.

@gannet ah, yeah, Kurosawa films are slow at the best of times! Hidden Fortress might be one to watch eventually though 'cos of the Star Wars connection :D patience permitting

Giant hedgehog friend being rescued from the garden by @theoutrider (they can get in, but have trouble getting back out. Mebbe we need to dig a hedgehog tunnel)

Srsly this guy was huuuuuge!

@alice XD aww (it's 'heather' the beanie boo if you need to seek it out)

Oh yeah, I wanted to show off the plushie I bought, 'cos I figure it's the sort of thing masto would appreciate XD

(I'm so weak when it comes to cute stuff)

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@camu yup! I think I saw a few random episodes at an anime con back in the day (being when cons showed fansubs 'cos there was no one to stop them) but hadn't got around to watching it properly, until now :3

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Watching old anime on netflix. Got this far in fullmetal alchemist. (show hasn't all aged well)

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