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Black Panther thoughts cont Show more

@Gargron o_o

it is. I have the set with that print of the communist manifesto in XD

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@HereticSoul I'm really wary of playing online with randos, 'cos I'm used to our little monhun team where everyone specialises in different weapons, and everyone has their equipment sorted. ^^;;

here are some thoughts about #PersonalBranding Show more

reasons birb is good:

*pointy mouth make small bleps
*used to be dinosaurs

@thefishcrow pigeons are such goofballs XD I love them!

I swear it's taken them a couple of months to realise that the bird feeder isn't a trap. XD I'd watch them approach it all carefully, then fly off at the last moment. all the other birds were like "free food! have at it!!!" but the pigeons were all "nah mate, it's obviously some kind of trick"

@jessiscah24 (sorry for being a random XD I think my eyes glazed over during that guy's video and the next thing I knew I was on amiami preordering toys WHAT IS MY LIFE!)

@jessiscah24 ngl but I've never googled "star wars nendoroid" so fast.

oh look princess leia comes out in time for my birthday-ish o_o isn't that convenient lalala~ XD

*shoves all the hoodies and star wars manga into a closet* nothing to see here O_O don't take my sjw badge away from me noooooooo

*goes for nap*

*wakes up*

why aaaaaaa?!?!

@Tom I should play more of it... I only did the intro bit to have a go :D but am thiiiiiis close to finishing yakuza 4, so I wanna get that done before I hunt all the monsters!

(they made switchaxes quicker and I'm like hmmmm... gonna change things a lot)

@Tom come see me when you have 300 and we'll talk XD (tho that's with older monhuns)

that game eats time like deviljho eats your health bar.

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food, no meat Show more

Saw this elsewhere, and while I generally don't repost inspirational memes, I felt this one too good not to.

@thefishcrow I am too involved in the drama around our bird feeder XD

one of them is clearly here for the food, and the other keeps sidling up like "hey, do you come here often?" (but in pigeon, obviously)

I think some pigeons are courting on our fence. gdi birds, get a room!

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