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I have watched bojack horseman so many times, and I only just realised that in season 1, the scene where bojack's mother tells young him to do the lollipop dance for her friends to earn love mirrors the earlier scene where bojack tells young sarah lynn that she has to keep acting because the audience are the only people who will love her. Like both kids are hiding under a table and both parent figures raise the table cloth in the same way.

How did I not get this before!? :psyduck:

I wish I knew how to record* shit 'cos you should hear me butcher some songs with a kazoo XD

*and upload it and all the other bollocks which is too much faff for a joke.

Chalk it up as a future reward for people on patreon when I do that, which will probably be never but lol srsly hold me to this :thinkhappy:

Hey friends! @pupper and I are both disabled and have virtually no income after our benefits were cut by the DWP. Please share this link to help us afford rent, bills and food. #TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdfund

Me: horlicks is too much of a trashy bitch to go in a small mug*

(*I only use them for expensive hot chocolate, and espresso)

Do they use ravens to deliver messages instead of pigeons in game of thrones because a three eyed pigeon would be shit?


I know people are mean about starbucks... But at the end of the day, you can put one of their coffees in the fridge for a few hours, then microwave it, and it'll still be fine :blobcatcoffee:

(new drink of choice: a mocha with a shot of caramel syrup)

Why do all these dudes have a problem with Rey in star wars, but no one asks how the hell does everyone understand all the beepy droids in the series!?

(I can't imagine bb8 swearing the whole time like I can with r2d2. Too smol and not so grumpy sounding)

beep boop

I really like the current gardening event in animal crossing pocket camp. Hundreds of cute bees flying from player to player across the internet!

It's nice. 🐝

That is the only time you'll see me do that.

Unless I've done it before, in which case, it's the last time XD

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if πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ don't πŸ‘ know πŸ‘ how πŸ‘numbers πŸ‘ work πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ language πŸ‘ don't πŸ‘ use πŸ‘ them! πŸ‘

Oh man, I think the middle of the night must be lucky fruit harvesting time in animal crossing... 'cos I got not one, not two, but FIVE perfect fruit! Including 2 on one tree! (OK I took a screenshot cos I was like wow)

animal crossing, lewd 

tfw a wolf is giving you advice on jerking off

idek why or where this joke is going. I hate how I met your mother. What sensible adult tells his children about every single sexual conquest? Dude, honour the unspoken covenant of not talking about exes unless it comes up/is properly necessary. tmi.

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🎢I would go out tonight
But I haven't got a stitch to wear
This man said "it's gruesome
That someone so handsome doesn't know the story of how I met your mother" 🎢

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🎢Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man, look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know
The story of how I met your mother🎢

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