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if I'm getting >1k blocked requests on ublock origin... idk, should I tell the person whose site it is?

While trying to find shoe reference photos, I found this, the Smuggest Ice Skater

Sunny is sad 'cos all the cheese is gone, 'cos we ate it. no cheese for Sunny. what cruelty!

*i'm lifting a toilet off a pallet, out of its cardboard box & peeling away the packing foam*

i'd like to announce that this is my 1,000th unbogging video!!!! wow. well there you go folks!

*the camera cuts to B-roll shots panning across various rooms of my house, where every single available space on the floor and walls is filled with a working, plumbed-in toilet*

thanks so much for all your support everybody

I still dunno whether to get monhun world :/

idk if cute enough.

oh ;o; I felt so mean earlier! 'cos Sunny isn't allowed back on the bed until she has a normal poop post-stomach bug, and she was standing there while I was trying to nap, looking at me like ":< can I come cuddle??" and I had to refuse her ;o; which is extra hard when she turns on the cute.

If we were to have any group of comical evil underlings with yellow bodies and blue overalls become popular, why did it have to be Minions and not Servbots?

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