@benwerd I like what @pfefferle did with OStatus and Activity Pub for Wordpress...I guess @Brokenarrow8 is a thing now wish I started with that account

@benwerd @pfefferle @Brokenarrow8 Though while I do understand the privacy concerns I do wish webmentions worked in Mastodon so all this could happen from my own Domain.

@benwerd Well Plume and write.as are both supporting it. It is interesting to think that I could use Mastodon to follow your Known blog, someone's Pixelfed images, and a person on write.as. It feels like the web of the future we were promised.

@sikkdays Yeah. I like the idea of being able to use multiple platforms in this way. I do have some worries about abuse - but also some thoughts about how to deal with it once the fediverse expands.

@frankmeeuwsen I don’t know if the open source community will build it, and I don’t know if I have the bandwidth to do it. So: human laziness, mostly ;)

@benwerd I wouldn't call it laziness. Maybe more something in terms of "lower on the backlog of priorities" 😂😂
If I had the chops to build it, I'd help you out. Too bad I'm mostly a copy-paste Stack Overflow kinda programmer.

@frankmeeuwsen Isn’t that all programmers? ;)

I’m forcing myself to have some time off this month, and coding isn’t part of the plan. But I do think this is worth doing, and I love the idea of everyone just being able to run their own profile from any kind of web host if they want.

@benwerd I was looking at building a compatible client and it looks daunting

@benwerd It'd be super cool if Known could become a part of the fediverse.

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