Mozilla is a force for good, unique in the tech industry. Though it's a flawed organization, we need it, and it deserves our support.

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@dajbelshaw @benwerd

And the Guardian invented a nice model (for paying them) where the "from as little as €1" is as important as the full patron with VIP access to all events.
In "continental Europe" [compare keynote speeches of W. Blau] it is mostly "Give us either data" or "Pay the monster abo" –

However: About Mozilla I saw one question occurring frequently like
"I am enthusiastic about Rust, how can I back it?" or
"I care about Firefox, how to save independence?"

@dajbelshaw @benwerd

My guess is people don't want to give their money to an org (where much money is in the hand of few and which is dependent of surveillance hypercapitalists).

People want to support content, code, enthusiasm.
"From as little as €1"

@sl007 @benwerd Yes, amazing given the history of Mozilla that they became so reliant on their competitor.

@dajbelshaw @benwerd

Right. And so I sketch out my vision for a bright future:
Mozilla partners with The Guardian, NYT and Spiegel Online.
Together they create the most amazing ActivityPub software and instance giving their readers a safe and trustworthy webspace and amazing reader service, having an income source with many channels and reader retention cause people trust them.

@sl007 @benwerd Amazing vision, but sadly not likely to happen. Mozilla's now an incumbent and needs disrupting, sadly.

@benwerd I think there's an important distinction between Mozilla surviving -- as a nominal alternative to a monopolist -- and thriving -- where it can make more of a difference in standards and the direction of the platform.

I like the in-browser patronage idea! But I'm also glad they're pursuing subscription product ideas.

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