Scrivener vs Ulysses / Novlr / Scrilys / etc / just Word or Google Docs. If you write fiction, what's your preference, and why?

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@benwerd while I write non-fiction, my first book I wrote in Scrivener, and everything after in Word/LibreOffice.


I've been experiment with writing theater scripts using fountain markdown in vim and I don't think I'll ever go back to anything else.

@benwerd @matt I love scrivener, it’s quite robust. But whatever fits your process.

Word will start hampering you before too long, though.

@benwerd Like Russ, I'm more oriented to using a plain text editing system.... Text files are universal. Right now I'm setting up Doom Emacs + Markdown + OrgMode. Should cover all the bases: Outlining, Timelines, Character sheets, world building / lore. I was using Vim + Markdown for a while, but miss the functionality of OrgMode.

But, that said Vim / Doom Emacs isn't for everyone.

@benwerd Everything on Libreoffice for me. It always worked fine, so no need to look elsewhere. I also only use FOSS and dislike services as a software substitute, so a lot of the popular options are tools that I wouldn't even consider.

@benwerd For my current project I'm trying open source "desktop wiki" Zim . You can create hierarchical structures (Characters, Locations, etc.) and link between them from within your content. It makes navigation easy (eg. from a character page you can click on the location they live in). For analysis you can get backlinks, link maps, etc. Also you can paste pictures in content (great for maps, locations, etc.).

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