@benwerd Love what you're doing with Matter. I also hope that you can connect with the #platformcoop community. I want the businesses that your entrepreneurs create to be sustainable long term and survive.

@lindner I want that too. Key is making the model compatible with investment, and making a co-op structure that allows for the very fast material decisions that startups need. But all of that is possible! Co-operative structures can have very productive, fast management hierarchies while remaining accountable to their members and there are many positive business use cases.

@benwerd that sounds great. I'm hopeful that a repeatable processes and structures can help along with rapid governence. heads up to @ntnsndr who has way more experience in this area.

@lindner @benwerd Absolutely. Another approach is to consider co-op as an exit strategy for zebra-type startups that have loyal, value-generating communities. Here's a deck on that: wfcjlbiocwnwnpgpg8db.oasis.san Happy to discuss strategies further.

@ntnsndr @lindner This is super interesting. For it to be really plausible as an exit strategy, more on the investor POV is needed - what’s the upside? A few real world examples and some template legal documentation would really help.

@lindner @ntnsndr NB: examples of co op exits from venture companies, not examples of successful co ops.

@ntnsndr @lindner Big, concrete question: what’s the concrete, plausible route to a 3X+ return for the first money into a startup?

@benwerd @lindner we'll, the trouble is we're pioneering this. My colleague Jason can help with term specs. Want to do an email connect? He's not fediversed.

@ntnsndr I really like this approach of coop-as-exit, and also coop-as-exodus. (A coop being the ideal, ultimate goal, starting form an embryonic exodus of traditional corporate structure)

Different ways of seeing "success".

@benwerd @lindner

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