Some thoughts on the Green New Deal, inspired by my cousin Jonathan Neale’s new book on the subject:

@npd Right - effectively not so much, except for the right to resell / be identified as the owner. Everything on-chain is public right now. Making certain items private - or allowing you to transform the work itself - would be a greater level of control.

@npd The token literally changes hands. In the case of the hearts, there are five copies; each one can have its ownership transferred and be resold on any platform. In the case of greenwashing, it's just one. They sit in your personal wallet which can be used on any web3 platform.

Tokenizing them creates (artificial) scarcity; they have the same ownership properties as a physical object. When you buy it, it's literally yours.

It may also be bad ;) But I wanted to explore.

I've turned some of my illustrations into limited-edition non-fungible tokens, which are available for bidding. All you need is a crypto wallet like Metamask, and some ETH.

Setting a norm of longer working hours isn't just bad management: it's a literal dick move, ensuring that your startup and your community will be dominated by mostly younger, predominantly white dudes with few personal ties outside of work.

I'm an advocate for news and journalism. I believe passionately that it's the bedrock of a functioning democracy. I'm also an advocate for antitrust reform, privacy, and decentralization. But I don't at all understand the lawsuits many organizations bring against big tech. Help me out.

Every month I collect the notable articles, links, and media that I found interesting. Here's my list for January, 2021.

@npd Unfortunately yes. You should be able to do the anonymous browser trick. It should just let you read the first few. But the experiment ends shortly. (Spoiler alert: my finding is that it's not worth it.)

Thanks to everyone who's filled this out so far. It's really helpful. Some folks have used anonymous contact info, which is totally fine by me. The data is the really important thing. (But if you *are* willing to have a chat about your answers, that's really helpful too.)

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Hi! If you’re saving for retirement (or hope to), I’d love about 30 seconds of your time for some feedback. Thank you so much!

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