Every month, I round up the apps, services, books, notable articles, and streaming media I've found particularly interesting. Here's my list for July. werd.io/2020/reading-watching-

Here are all the blogs I subscribe to as of this month. Who else should I be subscribing to? Who else do you find useful? werd.io/2020/blog-sources-july

@npd I'm with you completely. I hate it. I do think culture can be saved, but it's got to be intentionally built. The best thing is to be in a company that was thoughtfully constructed from the beginning, but that isn't always possible.

"The key to story is that it's all about people: how they change and grow. If your novel doesn't hinge on that, nobody's going to read to the end. If your business doesn't hinge on that, nobody's going to care what you do - not even your own team." Some thoughts on business and story: werd.io/2020/plot-and-startups

Every time I post about politics on the birdsite I lose followers, and I understand why - but I don't plan to stop.

Anyway, here's my latest blog post about why everything is terrible. Enjoy?


You probably didn’t hear about it, but yesterday an important EU-US data sharing agreement was knocked down in court because of America’s abusive mass surveillance programs. werd.io/2020/privacy-shield-an

People talking about Twitter's hack being a matter of international security.

Just a thought, but maybe a single private corporation should never have that kind of power ...?

@yoz What I wouldn't give for some custard creams and a garibaldi or two

Why can a Twitter admin account post to other peoples' accounts?

Super-curious to find out how Twitter was hacked.

Here's how I try and operate as a manager. I'd love to hear any ideas or feedback you might have. werd.io/2020/supporting-profes

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