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Every month I list the books, streaming media, and notable articles I've consumed. For this month's list, I've decided not to include any of the pandemic-related articles. Here's the other media I've enjoyed:

I'm raising money for Doctors Without Borders, which is on the front lines of the fight against in vulnerable communities. I'll match the first $1,000 in donations!

For what it's worth, the first people to donate $50 or more will also have a 1,000 word short story dedicated to them.

Which charities should we be donating to in order to help vulnerable people stay safe and healthy?

For a personal project, I'm interested in understanding what makes people proud and happy. This is a completely anonymous form which won't take long to fill in. I'd love to hear from you.

I'm really excited about a project I'm working on at ForUsAll - an internal course on entrepreneurship based on human-centered design. Entrepreneurship is a mindset most of all, and it can be learned and developed.

Every month, I list the books, articles, apps, and streaming media I've found interesting. Here's my list for January.

I wrote some thoughts about Visa's $5.3B acquisition of Plaid. It's a good deal for them - maybe less so for certain kinds of financial innovation.

Some reflections on the occasion of having been on this planet for (gulp) 41 years.

Every month I run down the books and notable articles I've read. This is my list for December, touching on the future of the internet, saving journalism, poverty in America, and the ongoing exploitation of vulnerable people in pursuit of profit.

I wrote up a list of my favorite movies of the year.

Of course, I haven't seen Cats yet, so everything might change.

I wrote some reflections on the previous decade - and hopes for the next. What do you hope for from the next ten years? How can I help?

Some thoughts about streaming TV subscriptions. Yet again, we've swapped out one set of gatekeepers for another set of gatekeepers.

I wrote some thoughts on climate change and whether the US should nationalize its energy industry.

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