graet uuhh whomn'st'd tiddy numbus:tada:

danky fingee and the trungle'd pipple❓


bumble beps!........ hungee hurng....... scamby wangus..

my pinky? expando.... whomn'st'd mouth

art crime? graet..... that there squamb


tingy beps!.... handy toesies... whosoever❓

mr. brutts's hanky and the nummmmmy grahhhh👀

wired: crumbly bonko unscrumpulous wangus pebis :sweat_drops:

dongle hadst.. danky hammmm.. tiddy "woo"..

crumbly bEPIS that me spurge wumpo hh.... :clap:

hot take: bumpo hand danky smöl unscrumpulous mambo

b-boobie ranchos and the nummmmy spingus

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