Bei meiner Apple Watch Series 3 löste sich das Display ab. Reparatur-/Austauschkosten bei Ergo Sum: 199€.
Habe es jetzt mit Sekundenkleber wieder drangepappt.
Abonniert meinen Kanal.

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Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

People will continue to use big centralized sites like Discord until the alternatives drop the literal paragraphs of technobabble to explain what they are.

Most users do not know tech well. If they see pages of words they don't understand it's clear the software 'isn't for people like me'
so they go back to centralized sites.

If people don't understand what any of those acronyms and words mean it won't matter that the site is easier or better to use.

There's nothing wrong with technical explanations.
But they can be deeply alienating as a first impression and explanation to someone with no tech or coding skills who's after 'a site I can talk to my friends on'.

Folks know the sites they use are bad. But the alternative isn't accessible to the vast majority of people.

Non tech users need to be included and respected as potential users if open source is to appeal to all the communities it could benefit.

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Jetzt wo alle remote arbeiten, muss ich einige Kolleginnen und Kollegen eventuell nochmals mit bekannt machen...

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Git is planning to switch to SHA-256 soon. This is all great news, but the best thing is the command to convert an existing repo to the new hash. It reads like a shitpost and gets better with each argument:

git convert-repo --to-hash=sha-256 --frobnicate-blobs --climb-subtrees --liability-waiver=none --use-shovels --carbon-offsets


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Mein Game Of Life ist jetzt auch unter einer hübscheren URL zu erreichen:
Viel Spaß damit.
Und natürlich ist das alles Open Source:

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Ich habe viele Painting Apps auf dem iPad ausprobiert und bin mit keiner so richtig warm geworden. Bis ich Procreate installiert habe. Was für eine tolle Software!

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Once again, XKCD cuts through all the arguments. The decade start is officially resolved. Done. Finito!

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Hi friends
I'm maruki, a professional pixel artist, illustrator and animator
As it happens, payment from one of the projects I'm in will be very delayed, so I'm opening commission slots to make up for it.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable. You can reach me in maruki [@]
Retoots are appreciated <3

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Sometimes in programming we expect one result but get another.

We call this boolshit.

Jetzt mal ehrlich. Wer wartet ernsthaft auf eine neue Folge der Datenschorle? Man müsste das ja schon irgendwie mal forcieren. @lastfuture @KelloggsFrost

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