Where is the person doing all this moving and attaining all of this bliss?

Only here for an instant, fully expressing itself, and never to be seen again in the same way.

If one is All One, there is only connection; not I am connected.

Just look. See what is there within you; it is within us all.

It is already right there, as plain as the nose on your face.

You are on the edge now.

The edge of the beautiful and the taxing; the free being and the image tightly held in bondage.

Only you can move into this freedom that is already present.

You may listen to others, but in the end you will find it was a movement completed on your own.

In the physical world, if we move toward a door, there is time involved to get from here to there.

But inwardly, can any movement be made?

Is there time at all?

Sometimes writing things down can take weight off of the mind.

Don't Mistake the Finger Pointing at the Moon for the Moon.

Forget the moon; there is no finger!

Look up into the sky every once in awhile.

Realize your life is more than the objects situated around your physical body.

You will never be free someday. It will never happen.

You can only be free now, in every possible moment.

Now does not include someday.

We do not sit in order to become; we sit in order to see.

Not what we want to see, and not to get the right answer, whatever the hell that might be, but simply to see.

Don’t look to others to tell you what to do.

End this now.

Go into the darkest cave for yourself.

You may find, in the deepest recesses, there is far more light than you ever thought possible.

The endless chattering of the mind, and our belief in that mind, is self-terrorism.

…you'll never have a question of how to see…

This silence; although we may say the appearance seems to change over time; the completeness of the thing is always there in its entirety.

It is a continual evolution without growth.

The answer to your question is fluid and alive, and coming to a fixed conclusion will only bring more frustration.

Can you see the answer without your conclusion?

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