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Beyond the Known

Instead of a frightened, uncertain, violent caveman with a pointy stick, we have a frightened, uncertain, violent caveman with gun and a home theater system.

Another person might explain liberation, or how it will unfold, beautifully.

But that doesn’t mean anything.

Even though they may very well end up being correct, it still means nothing.

It is destruction…

…leaving nothing but dust.

The greatest freedom comes from what the human being can explore on its own, outside of the external powers that be.

Is it possible to be compassionate, or is there just compassion?

This is very important to understand on your own.

All movement in liberation is an extension of compassion.

People think of enlightenment in terms of how it should be.

And if, after all of this time, you are still only seeing what you think should be, what is the point of it all?

Once you follow the should, you are lost.

Preconceived ideas of right and wrong compress the organism into a dull zombified way of seeing.

It is not really seeing at all, but a dependence upon our preferences of right and wrong.

If there is a who contemplating, the who and the item of contemplation are the same.

Everything just happens.

Nothing ever happens.

It is true that all we need is food and shelter.

But there is no need to live in a cave or give away everything we own.

An ascetic lifestyle is just a different kind of greed.

I go to you for the answer to enlightenment.

You tell me, Do this, do that.

I do those things, but nothing changes.

I go on and on.

If there is separation, it is due to the activity of thought, and has nothing to do with what you really are.

Oneness isn’t a matter of believing in non-belief.

There simply is no belief.

Being alone has nothing to do with loneliness. And it is not about isolation.

Only the self can be isolated, and this isolation has nothing to do with one’s surroundings.

You are the only one. There are no others.

The wind blows.

Bits of trash scrape along the street.

That is all there is.

The world needs you.

Somewhere on this planet are men, women, children — real-life human beings — that will benefit from your presence.

Please, do not waste one more minute of time.

You will be dead soon, after all.

If you draw a picture of yourself, make it as detailed as possible with the exception of the eyes.

Leave them out entirely.

This is a more accurate depiction of how we live our lives.