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Beyond the Known

You must go deeper.

See these movements in their purest form.

The real tyrant is the ghost in the darkness.

It is not the one staring back in the mirror; it is the one thinking about the one staring back in the mirror.

What if your spiritual journey was negated?

If you woke up tomorrow and your search was gone, if nothing were left, what would you do?

Look at the world, as it is.

Can you see it?

A mind that is whole is incapable of taking wrong actions.

There are no actions to takeā€¦

If the self hopes to be compassionate, is compassion there at all?

This is your life.

Only your discoveries, free from the muddy paw prints of others, shine in the darkness.

Is it in your mind that enlightened people should follow a certain path, dress a certain way, or talk a certain way?

Are you looking for truth, or more comfort?

Thought is the only suffering. Nothing else.

Consciousness is the same as the content it contains.

There is no consciousness if there is no experience, no memory, no thought.

The should be and the IS can never meet.

One is the world of thought; the other is beyond thought.

Separation is violence.

Yet one hopes to be free of pain and suffering through separation, creating more violence.

Separation can never bring unity.

Nature is something thought cannot touch.

Thought can create glorious structures, but it can do absolutely nothing about nature.

Only awe in its presence.

Methods and systems are not the answer.

And that includes any method or system of your own creation.

If you want the right person in your life because you think it will complete you, it is the wrong direction.

You are already full and complete.

Perfection is there, share it with everyone.

Don't worry over consciousness. It really is not so important.

You have no consciousness.

Why would you sit at the feet of the master? Your feet are just as holy as his.

If the master is not willing to sit at your feet, please use them to quickly walk away.

You already have the strength to fully sit with what is.

You are born encompassing all that is.

Allow this freedom to live as it will.