If you sit within your own conclusions, you no longer want to find the real.

You only wish to see what you already believe to be true.

Are you, the separator, in some way different from what is being separated?

Things seem to change from time to time.

You may even find yourself letting go of things you may have once felt necessary.

But has anything really changed?

As a human being; a brilliantly vibrant living being; you are beautiful, whole, and complete.

Never let anyone convince you otherwise.

Is compassion a concept?

If I have a concept – a generic idea – can that in any way touch this fullness of life?

There are, of course, thoughts.

But none of them are yours.

One might believe that one is compassionate, but what does belief have to do with compassion?

The search automatically brings in the notion that there is something missing.

If one is serious, they take it to the very end, not relying on knowledge to answer for them.

You sit on a rock next to a tree and a person walks by.

Your physical eyes look at the person.

What is there?

Find out, my friend.

What is being sought, and who is doing the seeking?

Are you interested in enlightenment, or what you can get from it?

We look outward for the missing element, instead of seeing that it was always here.

Awareness comes in like a truck through the wall, and it obliterates everything in its path.

That wave washes over everything and all is one.

Liberation is beyond the normal capabilities of thought.

It is not dependent upon knowledge, or what has come before.

It is a freshness that permeates throughout everything and touches all.

All of the thoughts you hate will set you free.

Are you really interested in relationship, or are you simply trying to placate loneliness or some other feeling?

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