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Beyond the Known

When belief rises to answer the question, question the belief that rises.

You must see with your own eyes.

It is the only way.

It takes some strength for the self to come up against what it believes to be true.

When compassion seethes through every pore on your body, the idea of being compassionate will escape you.

You will move, and compassion will be there.

And that is all.

If one’s mind is separate, broken, and incapable of operating clearly, can that mind know what it means to be compassionate?

It is fulfilling and meaningful to see the person; to be there with them as being unfolds.

It is a moment frozen in time, as the past falls away.

But due to the nature of being, there is no moment to be frozen.

It can only exist as a monument in our memories.

Why do you place such value on your perceptions?

Contemplation means, the act of looking.

But when the self looks, it does not actually see; it only interprets from what it already knows.

If a cat comes into the room and you see it, you might say that you are aware of the cat.

But what happens if the cat is seen, but there is no one there to be aware of anything?

There is no possible way to know enlightenment.

Once thought has solidified something in order to better control and understand it, the thing is dead.

We disconnect from oneness, thinking we will have security, only to want to go back to nothingness because there is no security.

The energy of liberation is massive. It bursts through the room and reaches out into infinity.

As one sits in the chair, aliveness seems to pulse, like a metronome that counts in waves, not in beats.

This energy engulfs all. It is the purest essence of life.

It is an awareness of the whole movement of thought.

This is an altogether different kind of functioning.

When you sit in order to see, you must go slowly.

Don’t instantly fall back on what you already know and have memorized.

Leave space for the meaning to become apparent without your effort.

The question you might want to explore:

“Is it possible to be completely present with every single human being I come into contact with?”

Find out.

You might think you can only have a relationship with someone you know…

…someone known to you through your memories of them.

If that is how you perceive things, it is quite possible that you have never related with anything.

You are nature.

And naturalness is the nature of nature.

One must be truly alone to discover whatever lies inside.

One must set everything aside, for perhaps the very first time, and travel alone.

You will live until you die.

The beginning and ending is certain.

But what will you do with the long middle act?

When sitting with nature, do not look for answers.

Look with nature and share in all of these parallel movements.