If you’re thinking “maybe librem.one isn’t so bad”, just take a look a the following account for an example of the kind of awful people they allow.

CW: homophobic & ableist slurs, more awfulness on full profile


It’s a week of remembering  , when capitalism won the space race over socialism!

By using tax money to hire hundreds of thousands of people to collectively under the guidance of a public government agency invent stuff and advance science and technology.

The whole controversy is a perfect example of the far right screaming "free speech" and "freedom of choice" and then getting upset when people choose to ignore them.

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The film Yesterday, but Charlie Kirk wakes up and everyone understands what the word socialism means.

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A 70-year old anarchist got radicalised by AOC 😂😂😂
This guy seriously needs to get a clue

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An Antifa terrorist radicalised by AOC and Ilhan Omar’s rhetoric literally tries to mass murder Border Patrol officials and the media’s still whining about Trump’s tweets.

Let that sink in.

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

Friendos and cool people.

We still have a barrage of negative reviews (known as review bombing), if you want to help us report their reviews as unhelpful, etc. feel free to head on over to #Tusky's play store page!


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Free Speech Absolutism has never been welcome on Mastodon. The flagship instance has always defederated from instances that claim to value right wing "free speech."

Fucking absurd that anyone would ever think Mastodon is about free speech. It's not. It never has been. And Gab wouldn't be running their Mastodon fork today if we ever had been, because Mastodon wouldn't have gotten popular without the We Ban Fascists marketing strategy.

Yet, I can assure you this will have ZERO political impact.
Now, imagine these were found in a mosque. Donald Trump wouldn't be able to stop tweeting about it, and calls for radical action against Muslims would be heard.

Benny of course did not disappoint, claiming that a woman in a highly realistic film like James Bond would be unrealistic.

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Ben Shapiro argues that a woman can't play 007 because it wouldn't satisfy a "wish fulfillment fantasy" for men

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Imagine trying to argue there's racism and slightly better racism.

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“You cannot seriously compare anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Anti-Semitism is the oldest hatred and has killed millions of people. Islamophobia is a recently invented term that is mainly designed to shut down critical discussion about Islam.”

Brendan O’Neill on Sky

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What an absolute joke

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In a week and a half, this man will be your Prime Minister.

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As a young co-op, it was great for us to listen to @jeremycorbyn@twitter.com talk about co-operatives and the democratization of the economy at @outlandish@twitter.com's new space.
Congratulations Outlandish, your space has been approved by our office dog! 🐶🦊

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