moved more so to @bfoty if anyone wants to keep me

i just wanna get home, and get monster hunter generations ultimate

delicious in dungeon is v v good. really enjoying it

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for honor starter edition is free until the 27th to keep forever on steam, if any of y'all are into it

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3 card spread: situation / obstacle / advice

situation: IV S
obstacle: VIII W
advice: reversed IX C

my interpretation:

you are in a situation that isn't too demanding of your abilities, but you have a tendency to take things faster than they need to go. slow down and take note of what your goals really are in this situation, or you may find yourself dissatisfied with the final results

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give this talented skateboarding budgie a boost for 108383 years of good luck

cant stop saying "hell yea brother - hh"

finally got around to getting my nerg kill
got a gem from tail carve lets go

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been starting into Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi). it's so good. it makes me hungry tho

my daily mix 6 is so much dark music i love it

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