If you find yourself frequently uploading photos via FTP, check out Cesare’s new app!

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My new iOS app PhotosUpload launched today 🥳
Take photos, add tags and upload them via FTP to your server!
🚀 Download: apps.apple.com/us/app/photosup
📝 Post: cdf1982.com/2019/06/20/introdu

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I can’t stop laughing about these pictures. Some of the replies are pretty good too.

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An exit gate in a parking garage in @HaymarketLNK@twitter.com was kicked, pulled, twisted and hit by this man. Do you know him?!
-over $3200 in damages.

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Kitten update! Our friends’ 4-year-old named them Stripey Stripe and Whitey White and apparently we’re not allowed to change the names. 😆 They’ll be outdoor cats; we bought a fairly large chicken coop for them to live in for now so they stay safe.

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lol, how can something be simultaneously deprecated and added? This property has been deprecated for years…

Pro tip: don’t look at this if you want to be happy. 👍🏻

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Woah!! App Store Deletions metric now available in App Analytics (App Store Connect (Note: only on devices running 12.3 but I bet this comes standard with ) BIG

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Our pet pot bellied pig, Moe, passed away today. He wasn’t particularly friendly, but it was still nice to have him around. 🐷

I’ve seen a few tweets about peek and pop being deprecated, but... I guess not?

Really surprised that I got this wish from my wishlist! SF Symbols is such a neat way to offer it.

Ok, I wouldn’t pay *that* much for a jacket, as much as I want one... 😳

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Like Apple’s new retro collection. Garamond!
I still miss American Apparel though.

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With the number of requests I’ve seen for this (including my own), someone should mail out WWDC swag as a service, lol

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If anyone who is going to WWDC would like to grab some stickers for me, or buy a t-shirt for me, that would be swell.

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Apple: Accessibility is so important to us!
Also Apple: these ARe CleARly BUTTONs!

Me: *while debugging, decides to print “Ahhhhh” if my collection view returns a cell too early (due to a guard statement)*
My Xcode console:

all of these, but especially the copy machine 😂

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some inanimate objects that are secretly plotting against you

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