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Me: Ok, so this should be as easy as wrapping a UICollectionView in a struct conforming to UIViewRepresentable!
Narrator: It was not even remotely that easy.

Pro tip: don’t look at this if you want to be happy. 👍🏻


Woah!! App Store Deletions metric now available in App Analytics (App Store Connect (Note: only on devices running 12.3 but I bet this comes standard with ) BIG


What would happen if, while using macOS Catalina from an external drive, one of my kids unplugged the drive? Would anything get completely ruined? (in other words, what happens if the startup disk is ejected?) Asking cause I know it’ll probably happen someday...

I didn’t realize before I started watching “Building Custom Views with SwiftUI” that Dave Abrahams was presenting. This probably sounds weird, but I could listen to that guy explain things all day. He’s like the Bob Ross of Swift.

Can someone please write a nice, clean, UIViewRepresentable wrapper for UICollectionView that we can all use in SwiftUI? I’ll probably end up doing it myself but my brain is so tired these days. 😴

What does DSL stand for? I know y’all aren’t talking about digital subscriber lines...

If you’re writing with an Apple Pencil in Notes using black ink, and your device switches to dark mode, the note background transitions to black/gray and the ink transitions to white. 🤯

I love testing my own app via TestFlight on iOS 13, because when it crashes a text box pops up so I can quickly send myself a message like, “hey dummy, looks like you forgot to fix that index out of range issue.”

The “lines and grids” feature of Notes is still in the dumbest possible place (the share sheet??).

Three finger swiping to undo/redo on iPad is pretty slick. The first time I tapped the “undo” arrow above the keyboard, the system gave a quick demo of how to do the gesture, which should help with discoverability. I think there will be pretty widespread usage.

Just watched “Data Flow Through SwiftUI” and didn’t *quite* grok all of it. Hopefully reading some articles and looking at sample code might help me fill in the missing pieces.

Our pet pot bellied pig, Moe, passed away today. He wasn’t particularly friendly, but it was still nice to have him around. 🐷

This is how I’m feeling about it too. I *know* that my model and view code is too entangled but I’ve never understood how to fix it…I think with SwiftUI I’ll finally learn how to correctly separate my app’s concerns.

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What I love about SwiftUI is that it makes it easier & distinguishable for the engineer to separate UI code from model/data code. That wasn’t the case w/ MVC (especially for newbie engineers)


Why do App Annie and the App Store Connect app always have such wildly different figures for daily proceeds?

My 3-year-old is really interested in the hay-making process this year, and it’s been pretty cute. This morning he proudly said, “I’m gonna bale some FALFA! (alfalfa).” He’s happily riding in the tractor with my husband right now. 😄

Evergreen tweet. 😴


I am—and I can’t stress this enough—tired.


I’ve been watching Tuesday’s WWDC session videos on my iPad Pro via the WWDC app, with Notes open in split view so I can scribble thoughts and information with the Apple Pencil. It’s been a really enjoyable experience!

Someone talk to me about SwiftUI + collection views.

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