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Davinder Singh, disgraced J&K cop was arrested red-handed with militants. He’s been dismissed from service without enquiry. Kashmiri boys have been unlawfully detained in far away prisons, Muslims are falsely jailed for decades in the name of “law taking its own course”. 1/2

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Completely unnecessary of the @BCCI@twitter.com to bring their political agenda with Pakistan into the equation and trying to prevent me playing in the @kpl_20@twitter.com . Also threatening me saying they won’t allow me entry into India for any cricket related work. Ludicrous 🙄

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Sep 2020: No data of migrant workers' death.
Sep 2020: No data on Farmer Suicides.
July 2021: No deaths due to Oxygen shortage.
July 2021: No manual scavenging deaths.

The Dataless Democracy. twitter.com/barandbench/status

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In 1988 Karnataka Chief Minister Ramakrishna Hegde Resigned After Phone Tapping Allegations

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Father Stan Swamy spent a lifetime working for the dispossessed and the disadvantaged. His tragic death is a case of judicial murder, for which the Home Ministry and the Courts are jointly culpable.

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Sorry to interrupt your Covid scrolling, but Arctic Siberia is recording 48 degree Celsius ground surface temperatures and if you hate pandemics you’re gonna really hate climate apocalypse


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Times Now tweets at 12:19 pm on Jun 14 reporting the victim's version. Zubair tweets at 12:35 pm putting out the victim's version, specifically stating that this is the victim's claim. FIR against Zubair.

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The tale of Ruchi Soya

From today's edition of @TheKenWeb@twitter.com

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EXCLUSIVE: The Indian government doubled the gap between the two doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine without the agreement of the scientific group that it said recommended the increase reut.rs/3voEBDf by @krishnadas56@twitter.com and @devjyotghoshal@twitter.com

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We didn’t back doubling of vaccine dosing gap, say Indian scientists

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The first woman filmmaker in Lakshadweep’s history, Aisha Sultana, has been booked for sedition by Kavarathi police over remarks against Lakshadweep administrator Praful Patel during a channel discussion.


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appoints PadmaShri Narthagi Natarajan, Bharathanatiyam Artist and Activist as Member, State Development Policy Council.

celebrated with pride.

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Delhi HC dismisses with cost of Rs 20 lakh actress Juhi Chawla's lawsuit challenging 5G wireless network technology

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The native tribal community in Lakshadweep and their culture is under threat. Their lives and rights need to be given the utmost importance. A law they find faulty, shouldn't be allowed to rule them. Autocracy should fall, democracy should thrive.

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26.5.2005 - Swiss govt declares May 26 as Science Day in honour of President of Prof. Kalam
Watch his @CERN@twitter.com visit here with @anil_kakodkar@twitter.com videos.cern.ch/record/986719

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Three of six trained labrador retrievers have been officially deployed as Thailand's newest alternative method to detect coronavirus, even in those who are asymptomatic

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@KTRTRS@twitter.com @RaoKavitha@twitter.com @trsharish@twitter.com @trspartyonline@twitter.com @VK84015570@twitter.com @Feedtheneed8@twitter.com @sugandh@twitter.com @pidi411@twitter.com @drgsrao@twitter.com Arun Kumar needs A-ve plasma in Ankura, L B Nagar. He needs this before 9 am tomorrow i e 12th May 2021. Any leads, please whatsApp to Santosh @ 7288855412.

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Please help

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My wife is admitted at KIMS ICU Bed no 286, is on oxygen support. Her saturatio n level keeps fluctuating since last 12 days, sometimes falling to below 70. She needs Remidesivir injection immediately. Please help. @KIITUniversity@twitter.com @achyuta_samanta@twitter.com @CMO_Odisha@twitter.com @Amar4Odisha@twitter.com

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Fantastic development. US suppot has enabled WTO to waive off IPR for vaccines. This will enable vaccine production at very affordable prices helping govts provide it free to all. Price need no longer be a barrier to access. LMICs can now hope for hlth security. Great dev.

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