I'm not really sure what to make of Guile, Rhino, and Jsish.

The Tor 0.3.5 series includes several new features and performance improvements, including client authorization for v3 onion services, cleanups to bootstrap reporting, experimental support for NSS in place of OpenSSL, and more: blog.torproject.org/new-releas

Scary coincidence: presentation software having Cloud Issues :tm: the same day I have to talk about Chaos Engineering and SRE.

I get to investigate using GitLab at my org! Fellow GitLab users: how did you convince your company to make the switch?

Hello #lisp
Closure browser is a web browser entirely written in #commonlisp with #CLIM . Image handling is currently broken so I disabled images .It's still quite impressive.

I now own three different ergonomic keyboards. Goodbye, muscle memory.

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Sometimes I wished things Just Worked ™️ . I'm definitely missing something, I just don't know what.

I started the night wanting to use GDB and I'm about to end the night that way.

Just can't seem to get it to run, for some weird reason. Relaxed some sysctl settings and still no cigar. :( Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

The amount of times I type "lubectl" instead of "kubectl" is too damn high.

Turns out I may have signed a contract agreeing to not move out any furniture from my pre-furnished place, which I think is a bit silly.

I now *have* to keep furniture I don't want. :(

We use ads so we can keep the app free. Yeah that's bullshit, the ads are there only to push people into paying to remove them

Check out what I built with my dad! Plush three-toed sloth for scale.

As promised, here's a full blog post on my experiment with OpenBSD 6.3 on an old iBook G4.


tl;Dr: It worked well for the most part and I really liked it! #bsd

Hm, apparently #letsencrypt now provides mor than 50% of the web certificates.


On the other: Shit. They're getting very powerful and we are centralizing our trust. I think we could reallu use 2-3 new orgs like Letsencrypt, with similar technology and mission statement, but entirely independent.

Are there any out there yet?

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