"Today the Thunderbird project is happy to announce that for the future Thunderbird 78 release, planned for summer 2020, we will add built-in functionality for email encryption and digital signatures using the OpenPGP standard." --

I am a:
⚪ man
⚪ woman
🔘 CS student
Looking for a:
⚪ man
⚪ woman
🔘 funky new arrow I can use for my big-step semantics

My Nokia 8 Sirroco is up for sale. Used it for less than a year and handled it reasonably. It has a generous 128GB of storage, 6G of RAM and a battery lasting 1.5 days for me. Also, guaranteed security updates as part of Android One. Buyer preferably in Vienna.
Offers from 2nd handy phone online shops seem to range 150-250€.
Any takers? :)
boosts appreciated!

Scientists predict that we are only a few years away from inventing a means to not send an email.

my roommate just got a banner ad

for a fucking clothing website

that sells anti-trainer pro-pokemon merch???? what the fuck lmfao

it was straight up too easy to get started with docker builds and gitlab pipelines.

You know, Chrome gets a lot of flak for being a memory hog, but I wonder how much of that is websites loading resources they don't need.

I wonder how much bandwidth is wasted due to bad build pipelines.

This is the ideal computer body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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