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But I thought gas was cheap and cars (except for Mustangs) were now obsolete, and CUVs, SUVs, and trucks are the only vehicles worth making?

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@bhtooefr expensive? thats £0,74 or €0,84 this side of the pond 😆

@vfrmedia Yes, but you actually have functioning social services that you pay for in your fuel.

Meanwhile, we don't, and any attempts to raise taxes on fuel are immediately countered with "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POOR PEOPLE?" Never mind that there's been many proposals for giving some fuel tax revenues to poor people directly...

@vfrmedia Oh, and to put things into perspective, the last time federal fuel taxes increased was *1993*. TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. And it's not indexed to inflation.

State fuel taxes have changed in some cases, but a lot of people are whining about California's recent tax increase... which hasn't even kept up with inflation from the increase before that.

@bhtooefr even in England in 2001 when the taxes increased there was a protest of motorists (inspired by activists from USA), lorries all blocked the motorways by driving slowly.

I remember hearing military callsigns on my radio scanner alongside the Police [they didn't have digital radios then] and I have never heard or been aware of anything like that since (we were days from going into a full on state of emergency)