My car won't start.

I assume that the battery is dead, although I can't think of a reason why. I didn't leave the lights on, or a door open or anything.

But it won't start.

Kind of threw a wrench in my plans for the day, but that's the way it goes.

Time for a late lunch, and the a lot of boring admin work.

About one trip in four, my car loses power when the tachometer hits 2300rpm, and then regains it when it drops to 2200rpm. Fortunately, that's high enough for the transmission to shift up to the next highest gear, for a top speed of about 95km/h. But, my car is a gasoline-powered computer that drives me places. I find that turning it off and on again fixes it. #CarProblems #AutomobileSolidarity
Also, today it started to make a rubbing noise from the front wheels, worse when I turn a corner or press the brakes. #CarProblems Anybody in the !Fediverse a used car salesperson?

@bobjonkman So for the engine cutting out, I'd start with a scan for fault codes (in a pinch, most auto parts stores will scan it for free). 2300 RPM consistently makes me wonder if it's a problem with a crankshaft or camshaft position sensor, or something along those lines.

For the rubbing noise... constant or pulsing? (That said, I'm inclined to say front wheel bearing.)

Throbbing. But earlier this spring I thought I just had the bearings fixed, or neutered, or something. #CarProblems #DammitJimImAComputerConsultantNotAMechanic

@bobjonkman Could be the other one, you usually only do the one that's actually failed. It does sound like a wheel bearing from how you describe it though.

Of course, does it get louder when you turn a CERTAIN direction, or either direction?

It got louder when turning, mostly right. But it's in the garage now. Poor Syd, springing a job like this on him in the middle of the day. #CarProblems #LetTheProfessionalsHandleIt

@bobjonkman I'm guessing left front wheel bearing, but I could be wrong.

Turns out it was a seized brake caliper. Syd fixed the brakes on both sides. Funny, I hadn't noticed any decreased performance in braking, but the brake pedal is a lot more responsive now! #CarProblems
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