I wrote a blog post about palm pilots.

I haven't even spell checked it, and I'll probably do a second draft tonight or tomorrow, but the core points are out (and I'm a publish early and iterate often kind of guy)

This is just impressions that I have had from using a palmOne computer regularly over the last ~2 months.


With reference to the Palm Pilots: if anyone has tips on
1) networking/web browsing/gopher
2) Bluetooth audio
3) Bluetooth keyboards
4) wired keyboards
5) optimal settings for video encoding
6) general palm pilot tips

I’d appreciate them.

@ajroach42 Uhhhh... In PalmOS times, the most useful web browser for me was the Java ME version of Opera Mini. Yes really, things were that sad. I doubt that still works today?

Didn't have BT audio or keyboard devices at the time, so I don't remember if any of that was supported.

@galaxis @ajroach42 AFAIK, the servers still work, but the J9 JVM is hard to find, and it was hideously unstable at best, and Opera Mini didn't even try to integrate properly into Palm OS.

There's also NetFront, which was rumored to be much better than Blazer and more stable and better integrated than Opera Mini, but I never used it back in the day. I've got a Sony device with it installed though...

@ajroach42 @bhtooefr Haha, yeah, I remember the JVM was hard to find, especially as my last PalmOS device was a Zodiac. Just found out I even wrote about that: web.gxis.de/tiki/tiki-index.ph

Also there was this list of broken links for software (some of it Zodiac-specific): web.gxis.de/tiki/tiki-index.ph

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