Thought: I'm kinda thinking the same basic UI approach could work for the following:

* E-mail
* Forums (in a way, that's already handled in e-mail clients, through both NNTP and mailing lists)
* Blogs, especially with discussions (some e-mail clients have RSS readers, but they don't get the discussions)

All have threaded discussion in common, and grouping all of this together in a UI seems to make sense to me. (You'd need to handle linear threading vs. full threading on some forums though.)

@coryw I tried to use it once, in like 2009, and my netbook turned into a melted pile of plastic when I tried


Oh--it was horrifying.

An entire small IRC channel's worth of us incl @techfury and @ueberferret hopped onto a single Wave and did a bunch of things. It was Bad(TM) even on my big ol' Power User Laptop at the time, but it was really neat and I see a lot of what Wave wanted to be in Slack/Teams et al.

I'm also thinking of how you'd manage threads.

E-mail, forums, and blogs are all subtly different in how threads should be sorted.

For your "inbox", you want to see threads that you've participated in get bumped. You may want to see blog posts, but you probably don't want to see forum threads that you haven't participated in unless you were mentioned, and you probably don't want to see the comments to a blog post unless you've participated.

So, I think... "inbox" being a collection of things relevant to you, with source-specific collections of everything?

Some of that actually borrows ideas from Opera M2 and Gmail, come to think of it.

Basically think Gmail's "priority inbox", I guess. (That's a feature I loved, that I'm missing in Fastmail tbh.)


Adjacent: I once saw "Inbox" defined (in a time management training video on Lynda dot com) as a place where you put all things pending action, regardless of how minor, as a way of organizing things.

(To the extent that if you get a CD out of a binder to pull up an old file, you should put the CD in inbox when done with it to re-file)

I feel like Apple maybe has tried to do something like that, or at least things liket rying to get Siri to tell you what's relevant ends up similar.

@bhtooefr I have some thoughts about this that might be worth transferred into your head for consideration and adoption or rejection.

Ping me here if you're interested.

@bhtooefr This sounds good and I think where we're headed is #ActivityPub as a common public messaging protocol. What to do about #E2EE messaging though?

@uranther I don't see a reason why ActivityPub couldn't encapsulate OTR or OMEMO or whatever tbh, but I'm thinking at a different level here.

I'm thinking on the client side, having something that aggregates IMAP/SMTP, NNTP, ActivityPub blogs, RSS/Atom, and even proprietary systems like Facebook, Disqus, Kinja, etc., etc., into one central UI, that very much isn't the web.

@bhtooefr Yes! Similar to what I am thinking, basically following the #IndieWeb #POSSE and #PESOS models.

@uranther Really, a lot of this is driven by how fucking dire Kinja is as a web service, despite liking one of the communities on there.

Suck the content out of the system and don't execute their JavaScript, and I'd participate more in that community...

@bhtooefr perhaps consider what BB's Hub did, and aggregate notifications, SMS, IMs, etc. into the inbox

maybe even "pick up where you left off..." tasks?

@calvin The only thing that gives me pause about that is that I feel like SMS/IM/chat have a different optimal workflow from threaded discussion. (And then you have microblogging, which is... yet another thing. I forget how BlackBerry handled Twitter, I think a hybrid of SMS and e-mail?)

Although I almost feel like the BlackBerry Hub is more of a "communications-related notification hub"?

@bhtooefr SMS/IM threads displayed in BB were the normal conversational view, rather than threaded messages (Maemo and webOS also did the aggregation of SMS/IM, but kept mail separate.)

@calvin @bhtooefr

Ok so I got it. MAPI public folders in place of fora, blogs and lists where there’s separated post and reply permissions.

The worst possible exchange 2003 alternate reality.

@coryw @calvin ...just for having that idea, I sentence you to running a large enterprise on Microsoft Mail for PC Networks

@bhtooefr @calvin

I learned it from watching you /s

Actual recommendations from BYTE frm ~1993 for WFW3.11 networks: Dedicate a PC to be your file, mail, and print server, for performance reasons. Perhaps giving rise to the idea of SBS to begin with.

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