Idea: :dont_at_me: as a permissions level for a post.

Can still be boosted and favorited, but servers should prevent replying, and a server implementing this will reject any incoming replies.

@bhtooefr That's an interesting idea. I do wonder however whether this could be abused. For instance, if someone posts something and then I can post something with "don't @ me" as a first comment (which will be shown to anyone that clicks on the original toot) with some factually wrong information, mean stuff, etc.
- then nobody can reply to it and set things right...

And this is just one of many examples that I can think of where abuse could be enabled by this.

@natanji Note that the "don't at me" flag would only apply to the post that it's set to apply to - so your post would be a subthread that couldn't be replied to, but the original post could be replied to (unless you were a moderator or the OP, and explicitly aimed the "don't at me" flag at the root post of the thread).

But still, interesting point.

@bhtooefr I guess I wonder if it's a good idea in the first place to try to treat toots like posts in a forum where you are a moderator. Or like personal blog posts where you can turn the comments off. I get that this seems to at first just give more control, but in an ecosystem of a social network - which is what Mastodon actually is - I see lots of problems to give such asymmetrical control tools to users.

@bhtooefr Nobody would allow users in a forum to just make new immediately locked threads where they post their views of things without any possibility to reply.

The "don't @ me" is a social request that doesn't require a forcible technical solution (with bad side effects like what I described), but a social one.

If someone posts bad nazi shit, I wanna be able to counter them publicly; not have a technical system in place that prevents any kind of dissent.

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