I feel like this is a weird opinion, but: I like game controllers that use AA batteries. I have a pile of rechargeable AA batteries. They seem to last longer than proprietary packs or non-removable cells and work in lots of things.

@lmorchard Put AAs in *all* the things.

(For that matter, I have a friend that converted her *e-cig* to use AAs in the most janky manner. Apparently Eneloops are low enough internal resistance that it actually worked OK.)

@djsundog @bhtooefr Right?! I'd totally put up with a 3/4" thick phone if I could slot AA's into it.

Okay maybe I'd complain a little but I would wear the AA bandolier well

@lmorchard @djsundog I mean, I have actually carried a 0.71" thick smartphone (HTC Touch Pro) as my daily driver in the past, and I've got an 0.70" thick one (HTC Touch Pro 2) right next to me...

A slider would be right out, but a candybar… the RIM 850/950 were 0.9" thick with a AA behind the screen, and that was 1990s tech.

@lmorchard @djsundog (Switching instances because I wanted to do some tootin' from a thicc device, and the WM6.1 TLS implementation doesn't play nice with m.s.)

Really, I find the obsession with thinness in modern devices misguided anyway - make a chomnk of a device, nicely fill the hand, rather than have a slab that the hand has to contort to hold...

@djsundog @bhtooefr I've got a 8086 compatible palmtop PC somewhere in the basement that loved some AAs. I should dig that thing up someday

@lmorchard @bhtooefr something between the Portfolio and the MobilePro with some modern conveniences and I'd have one close at hand at least 12 hours a day

@djsundog @bhtooefr @lmorchard I have my HPLX on me all the time.

I thought I could replace it with the Gemini, but between android not being a great palmtop OS and the keys on the Gemini being super sensitive, I’ve gone back to the LX. I can type about twice as fast on it, and I’m using it as a dev environment.

I just need to rig up a pi 0w to the serial port, and get www/lx and a decent serial terminal program going.

@lmorchard @bhtooefr @djsundog neat!

I just picked up a tidalwave 386, but I’m getting display issues.

So still just the LX for me.

@djsundog @lmorchard The interesting thing is that capacity isn't actually that far off of modern devices.

The iPhone Xs Max's battery is rated at 12.08 Wh, and that's pushing things to ridiculous levels - 3.80 V nominal (which probably means well over 4.30 V full charge). At a more sane 3.60 V nominal, 4.20 V full charge, you're looking at 11.44 Wh.

One standard Eneloop AA is 2.4 Wh at typical, 2.28 Wh at rated capacity.

Doesn't take many to get up to the low end of modern capacities.

@bhtooefr @lmorchard and you save yourself a charging circuit and the associated fire risk liability - seems like a no-brainer tbh, other than the consumer revolt

@djsundog @lmorchard Eh, I'd include a charging circuit, nobody wants to have to pop open the battery cover and swap batteries every day.

But it could be an option!

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