It, in this case, being the 2019-spec apr racing Prius GT300.

So, this races in the GT300 class of Super GT, a Japanese multi-class racing series for grand touring cars.

GT500, the top class, uses similar regulations to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters series - since 2014 they've used the same chassis, and for 2019, DTM is moving to the GT500 engine formula of a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine making well over 600 horsepower. But, that's not what we're talking about today.

GT300 is the category that private teams compete in, and is composed of cars in three different rulesets, all balanced together for fair competition - JAF GT300, FIA GT3, and Mother Chassis.

Mother Chassis is based on a spec chassis (that supports both front- and mid-engine cars), and a spec engine (a 4.5 liter V8). You put whatever body you want on that chassis.

FIA GT3 is a popular spec used worldwide for rich people that want to buy a race car. Meh.

JAF GT300, though, that's where some crazy shit happens.

That class lets you get away with a *lot*. As long as you've got the firewall and A-pillars from the car you based it on, it's somewhat similarly sized to it, and it's got an engine from the same manufacturer... go nuts.

There's been a Daytona Prototype car that was converted to a road car so it was eligible for GT300, then converted back to a race car (the Mooncraft Shiden).

There's a Subaru BRZ that runs a rally car engine.

And, there's a Prius. With a mid-mounted Toyota 3.4 liter V8 that's been used in quite a lot of racing. And a heavily modified hybrid system, something that's widely considered impractical for "privateer" (that is, not automotive manufacturer) teams to pull off, and that's exactly what apr is (although they do get some support from Toyota... in the form of used parts off of old race cars, and some professional drivers).

...or rather, through this year, there was.

So, the first time they did a Prius, they raced that from 2012 through 2015.

In the mean time, JAF decided to change the rules for GT300 for cars homologated in 2016, to require that the engine be in the same place as the road car - if the road car had a front engine, no putting the engine in the back any more.

...apr homologated their 2016 Prius GT300 two days before 2016. They were allowed to race it through 2018 before it wasn't grandfathered any more.

That video is showing a front-engine V8 Prius race car - something that wasn't confirmed, but was strongly rumored (with the 5.4 liter V8 out of the Lexus RC F GT3). And given that it's apr, I assume it's still a hybrid, too.

I do think motorsports needs to electrify faster than they are, but it's quite hard for a BEV to compete with gasoline refueling over longer races... and people complain about even hybrids being impractical for privateers to run. This blows that out of the water, at least.

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