OK, let's get the instructions and USB cable out of the way, and take a look at it.

...ahh, the old days of resistive pen calibration screens, but this is on a device that came out in 2017.

...and interesting, the date defaults to 2018.

Once that's done, this is what you see. It's showing a schedule book, so let's look at the first page of it.

And, let's also look at the notebooks. There's a sample notebook, a copy of 心が凹んでも、大丈夫になる日めくり (which appears to have a degree of DRM on it, I can't export it), and the manual (of course, all are in Japanese).

Here's the first page of the sample notebook and of the e-book.

A friend of mine asked me to compare it to a 7" tablet that I had, so here, have a photo of it (along with the first page I drew on it) next to a WinBook TW700.

(CW: mention and depiction of alcoholic beverages)

And finally, let's take it apart.

Four screws and a bit of fingernail action later, we're inside.

Battery: 3.7 V 1800 mAh Li-ion
SoC: Generalplus GPL32650A (96 MHz ARM7TDMI)
RAM: Piecemakers PMS306416CTR-6CN (4Mx16, or 8 MiB, 166 MHz SDRAM)
Flash: Samsung KLM8G1GETF-B041 (8 GiB eMMC)

Also notable is a PIC16F1508, which I believe is handling battery management among other things, based on a cursory analysis of the original WG-N10 firmware.

@bhtooefr that thing looks like its battery will outlive me on a single charge

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