A selection of my memory-in-pixel devices.

From left to right:

Pebble Time Round (I think this is a JDI LPM010R030A, 0.99", 180x180 round, 2 bpc color... and yes, the battery is dead)
Pebble Time Steel (variant of JDI LPM013M126C, 1.28"/1.14" active, 176x176/144x168 active, 2 bpc color)
Pebble (Sharp LS013B7DH05, 1.26", 144x168, 1bpp mono)
SwissMicros DM42 (Sharp LS027B7DH01A, 2.7", 400x240, 1bpp mono)
Sharp WG-S50 (Sharp LS060S2UD01, 6.0", 600x800, 2bpp mono with 4bpp dithering support)

I do have one other - a Meta Watch WDS112 with the original Sharp LS013B4DN04, which was 1.35", 96x96, 1bpp mono, and *extremely reflective*. The thing doesn't even have a polarizer, IIRC, and it has 50% reflectivity as a result. That thing could damn near blind you if the sun hit it right...

...I just have no idea where it, or its charging clip, is.

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