me: derides the trend of RGB LEDs on literally everything marketed for DIY PCs
also me: put CCFL tubes in a retro build (done in a modern case)

photo of the retro build ( after I had the CCFLs in it, before I had the second CPU in it or the Voodoo 5

(specs: Abit BP6, 2x Celeron 366 @ 517 MHz, 768 MiB PC133, Voodoo 5 5500, a random 160 GB SATA HDD I had lying around, in a Supermicro S5 Platinum case)

yes, I know, my cable management was awful, the build also wasn't finished

@natalie the funny thing with those was, I did this build in 2017, and decided to go to Micro Center to buy a case

they just had the CCFLs in the LED lighting aisle, for like $10

retro build from back when CCFLs were *the thing to do*, so, yeah, I had to i should check microcenter next time im there

i did end up buying 32 ccfls off ebay for another project but that's a long story, and they didn't come with nice 4pin molex connectors already on them... oh my god they have a ton of them for really cheap. i think there will be a microcenter run tonight

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