OK, so the Accell J129B-003B HDMI to VGA adapter may only be rated for 225 MHz... but it seems to do 278.7 MHz just fine.

I don't know how well it'd do the really high speed modes up to 340 MHz - 2048x1536 @ 74.895 Hz would be a good test - but that's pushing the monitor to its very limits, and it's not guaranteed to sync up to that.

...however, I did learn that my Raspberry Pi apparently can't push pixels that fast, the monitor couldn't sync until the OS forced it down to 1600x1200 85 Hz.

And yes, I have EPA vehicle fuel economy data spreadsheets open for fun. (It's actually a good way to see what was sold in a given configuration, in this case, I was looking up the last vehicles to be sold with a 4-speed automatic in the US - the 2019 Toyota Yaris and Dodge Journey, it turns out. Nothing's listed in the 2020 data file.)

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