fuck, I actually love this electric scooter

I mean there's things I'd improve about it, but... I thought I'd only be using it as a dinghy for my car, and for getting around areas that I traveled to

...but the weather's gotten good enough to start commuting on it, and it works scarily well for that. Averaging around 20 km/h on my commute (top speed is 25), versus ~17 km/h when I commuted on my recumbent trike, and I don't arrive worn out and sweaty.

Oh, and the trike needs me to change shoes (clipless pedals are a must on a trike, otherwise you risk breaking your ankle), it's a pain in the ass to carry in and out of my apartment, and it just requires so much more planning.

Granted, this is nowhere near as much of a workout, but... (That said, there does seem to be an effect on the legs and arms from it, I definitely feel like I've worked with them after a leg of my commute (~8 km). But nothing like actually pedaling that distance.)

And yes, I know, an upright bicycle would be better than the trike at the specific things that I complain the most about, while also being able to negotiate terrain that the scooter can't safely. (I do also have a folding upright bike...)

But, one interesting thing with the scooter is just how fluid it is to switch between riding at 25 km/h, and walking when needed. Even on a step-through bike, dismounting and remounting is much more of a conscious action, whereas on the scooter you just do it.

@bhtooefr Also potentially safer if you use the reduced sweatiness to support wearing extra gear!

@freakazoid To be fair, the recumbent trike is pretty damn safe, you're only going to roll over if you fling it into a corner, and otherwise you don't have far to fall. I don't wear any gear other than bicycle shoes on that thing. (I mean, I'm not a huge fan of wearing a helmet even on upright bikes if I'm not doing anything otherwise silly.)

I definitely wear a helmet on the scooter - hit one pothole wrong and you're going down, I'm sure of it. 8.5" tire diameter is not conducive to that.

@bhtooefr I have never ridden anything with that small of tires. But collisions with stationary objects or cars are a lot more likely to kill you than simply falling. And a huge fraction of people inside cars are paying almost no attention the majority of the time. I had someone once pull out right in front of me from being parked when I was on my motorcycle. At night. With no headlights or turn signal.

@freakazoid And I don't expect a foam hat to do much about a car hitting me. (I mean, I could go out in full motorcycle gear, I *do* have that just lying around, and that may actually help. But nah.)

I watch out for that shit, though, and most of my routes use a bicycle trail system (and I have other parts of the route that avoid cars as well, and I wear a mirror so I can see them coming from behind me), and I don't have any qualms about using a sidewalk and slowing down to avoid unsafe roads.

@freakazoid (Re: using bike trails, even though those are intended for non-motorized traffic, I look at it this way... the bike trail network has a 15 MPH advisory speed limit, the scooter is physically incapable of going faster than 28 km/h (I believe it engages regen to stay below that speed even when at full throttle) and won't supply power above 25 km/h AFAIK, so the design speed of both scooter and trail are well-matched.)

In California any scooter that needs a license plate would be illegal on a bike trail. A lot of electric scooters are considered motorized bicycles here (they ship them with pedals that you can remove). I suspect motorized bicycles are technically illegal on most trails here too but the lines have blurred enough that I suspect they would only enforce it against something that looks like a motorcycle or scooter or has a gas motor.

@freakazoid This thing is almost certainly not actually legal for use in most of Ohio except on private property (Columbus has explicitly legalized them though, but I'm not in Columbus), but eh.

(It's a Xiaomi M365. Technically, because it has a motor and doesn't have pedals, except for having under 5 hp and therefore being banned from freeways, Ohio would make no other distinction between it and, say, a Kawasaki Ninja H2...)

I was slightly tempted to buy one, at least while our previous government had a pretty hefty subsidy for them (same category as electric bicycles) but I do not specifically need one. Would be nice for getting to and from an eventual future workplace though... But then I think of winter with all the snow it brings and I feel less sure. :P Seems like something fun to try out at some point, though!

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