fuck, I actually love this electric scooter

I mean there's things I'd improve about it, but... I thought I'd only be using it as a dinghy for my car, and for getting around areas that I traveled to

...but the weather's gotten good enough to start commuting on it, and it works scarily well for that. Averaging around 20 km/h on my commute (top speed is 25), versus ~17 km/h when I commuted on my recumbent trike, and I don't arrive worn out and sweaty.

Oh, and the trike needs me to change shoes (clipless pedals are a must on a trike, otherwise you risk breaking your ankle), it's a pain in the ass to carry in and out of my apartment, and it just requires so much more planning.

Granted, this is nowhere near as much of a workout, but... (That said, there does seem to be an effect on the legs and arms from it, I definitely feel like I've worked with them after a leg of my commute (~8 km). But nothing like actually pedaling that distance.)

And yes, I know, an upright bicycle would be better than the trike at the specific things that I complain the most about, while also being able to negotiate terrain that the scooter can't safely. (I do also have a folding upright bike...)

But, one interesting thing with the scooter is just how fluid it is to switch between riding at 25 km/h, and walking when needed. Even on a step-through bike, dismounting and remounting is much more of a conscious action, whereas on the scooter you just do it.

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