the two genders of technology names:
- we called it wi-fi because it sounded cool
- we called it compact disc because its a disc and its compact compared to other discs

IEEE P1394 Working Group: we called it IEEE 1394 because it was made by the IEEE P1394 Working Group
apple: we're gonna call it firewire because that's a horrible name

theres also the third gender which is when they try really really hard to make an acronym work

like DANCE (Digital Audio Near-instantaneous Compression and Expansion)

ooh and the fourth gender, which is when you need to change the meaning of the acronym and it comes out awfully

like SWF (previously ShockWave Flash, now Small Web File)

did you know that MP3 doesn't stand for MPEG 3, it actually stands for MPEG-2 (or MPEG-1) Audio Layer III

also if you're wondering why so many files use three letter extensions, like how JPEGs are often .JPG: it's because of MS-DOS. DOS allowed for filenames with a maximum length of 8.3 - that is, eight letters with a three letter extension. so FILENAME.JPG is okay, but FILE_NAME.JPEG is too long on both accounts. everyone just kinda agreed that 3 is a good number for file extensions and here we are still using it for pretty much everything even though it hasn't been required for decades


@lynnesbian And MS-DOS inherited it from CP/M.

And CP/M inherited the three-character extension from DEC (where "6.3" filename formats had been the norm back to the 1960s).

Basically, decisions made about 55 years ago affect how people name things today, even though those technical limitations haven't existed for the average person for almost 25 years.

@MeowMeowMeow @lynnesbian technical limitations dating back ~145 years or so, with a dash of making it easier for an untrained user to market (TYPEWRITER in the top row entirely)

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