Hey guys, at risk of opening a Pandora’s box here, what kind of #mechanical #keyboard do you recommend? I’m a noob in this

@crodges What's your budget? What language and layout do you prefer? What size do you prefer? Full size or something more compact? Lights or no lights?

@hund English and Qwerty; full size; no lights. For budget let’s say around $150-200. Thanks for answering!

@crodges @hund My own lists (all assuming US ANSI layout) of what I'd recommend based on what you've posted so far... all of this is going to be loudly clicky and sharply tactile, though.

One of the Unicomp keyboards (descendants of the original IBM Model Ms): pckeyboard.com/

Matias Tactile Pro 4 (Mac-optimized, although there is a discontinued PC version): matias.ca/tactilepro4/

I'm not a fan of Cherry MX switches, though, which greatly reduces what I can recommend.

@bhtooefr @crodges He wanted Cherry MX, that's why I recommended Cherry MX keyboard. :)

While Buckling spring and Alps/Mathias switches do appeal to a large crowd (mostly older and nostalgic users) they also limit you in every option possible. With Cherry MX and the Cherry MX-clones you have endless options both in terms of keyboards and customization. :)

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