idea for Fediverse software: timed mute

mute a user, but only for a certain time period, with customizable permeability (for instance, maybe allow them to directly reply to you, but not appear in your home timeline)

this way, when someone's being lewd as fuck and you're at work, you can mute them and not forget to unmute them when you're no longer at work

(yes this is a subpost)

(and the specific user I'm subposting has suggested another feature that could deal with this equally well before)

@bhtooefr I believe this is a thing but I could be wrong. It might just be for keyword mutes not users.

@adamk678 I believe keyword mutes are a client-side thing only anyway

user mutes I don't believe are timed in any Fediverse software?

@bhtooefr Would it work better to say, like, "Mute this user on this device" or "when browsing from this IP address" or similar?

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