I think I saw @bhtooefr and @calvin use the term "exodus" a few times and I think I discovered what it meant. It wasn't about a mass migration to mastodon, but a migration to a new, similar-but-unrelated-and-incompatible platform?

@coryw @bhtooefr I think it's the general zeitgeist in that section of twitter - of which some people want to take advantage of this new situation; and some (read: us) are promoting Mastodon instead.

@calvin @bhtooefr *cliks reply all* there's a specific person trying to build an actual thing. twitter.com/AdrianCJax

Granted, the whole "omg jack follows bad people" - is that even new or did someone just comb through his follow list in detail?

@coryw @bhtooefr I think boofer would fill you in on that. It's just one of many things that causes that section of Twitter to express dissatisfaction - the question is, will they actually move over to /something/?

@calvin @bhtooefr well like, I know gravis isn't moving, for a few different reasons, chief among them being essentially the perception that masto's a weird internet libertarian fever dream and that the different technical features may or may not "do anything" -- whether the new feeling (and, I feel that the "feeling" of twitter not caring is newer) will change that, IDK. I of course can't find the thread because twitter search is awful.

@bhtooefr @calvin
The argument appears to be less about himself and more about the everyone else on twitter he sees and interacts with twitter.com/search?q=gravisliz

@coryw @calvin Ultimately I feel like he doesn't /want/ to understand Mastodon, reading through that thread, and he explicitly doesn't want to understand federation, even though there's not much to understand - from an end user perspective, it works kinda like e-mail, but better. However, if the userbase actually did migrate? He probably would end up migrating.

@bhtooefr @calvin

Perhaps that's the point to be made. Gravis doesn't want to be part of the FOSS circlejerk. He wants to go where the people are.

@coryw @calvin But from my perspective, this doesn't feel like a FOSS circlejerk, where something inferior is used because it's FOSS.

It feels like a well thought-out system in most respects (the biggest issues IMO, being on a well-federated server, are with the firehose that is the federated timeline and language filtering of it IMO, but Twitter would be far worse if it had such a "master timeline"), that just needs a critical mass of userbase.

@bhtooefr @calvin

There appears to be reasonably good control of the master feed on the user's perspective. (for example, show only, say, English and German toots), but I'm betting many people will elect not to show it at all.

@coryw @bhtooefr Keep in mind Mastodon has server with their own bubbles - there's the art mastodon, the turbo-SHT mastodon, racing mastodon, etc. - trying to see these circles can be a bit tricky, but IIRC I know the upstream wants to make it better.

@calvin @bhtooefr
I mean, we literally built TECT STENOWEB\ mastodon with an about page that literally says it's for sharepoint lovers, so there's that.

@calvin @coryw To be entirely fair, being in what's been called the flagship server (although technically I think the biggest servers are Japanese), I see a *lot*, and at least what I've seen in the firehose from racing mastodon has merely been bots copying prominent racing organizations' Twitter feeds

@bhtooefr @coryw yeah - I think the most active (other than the flagship) are the Japanese instances (due to commercial instances), the French ones, the art ones, the tech ones, and the SHT ones.

@calvin @bhtooefr

#communitymanagement #cronk #tect should we consider doing anything to try to really get like, a windows sysadmin or a PAWC kind of community going? This might be a good platform (perhaps better than IRC) for, say, discussing or communicating about TECT itself, for example.

@coryw @calvin At least on mastodon.social, from what I'm seeing, the language filtering doesn't appear to work (either that or there's just a lot of Japanese toots that aren't properly tagged?)

@coryw @bhtooefr another point - I know a lot of the thoughtleaders in SHT-twitter like Zoe Quinn have not only mentioned mastodon, but have actually donated largeish sums to it - have they moved over to it for their stuff? if they quit cold-enough turkey on twitter, perhaps they can get the critical mass on Mastodon.

or maybe they never really weanted Mastodon at all - they just want Twitter but <their demands>, and Mastodon is more of a strike than an exodus.

@calvin @coryw I haven't found her on it, but I think part of the problem is the network effects - Mastodon aims to solve some technical problems with Twitter's centralized administration model, but if all of your friends are on Twitter...

@coryw @calvin I have found some people that I follow over on Twitter that made a clear attempt to use Mastodon and then just... stopped, probably because they didn't have an audience here, and maintaining multiple presences *is* difficult

@calvin @bhtooefr

I know that xychelsea is on mastodon, it looks like she posts pretty similar stuff on both. I don't know about Zoe Quinn, but those kinds of people tend to be able (or they use tools to do it) to manage multiple platforms more easily.

To display my own social exhaustion, I am also not on facebook at all.

@bhtooefr @coryw Agreed. I do think there are weird UI sniggles as a result of being federated, but IIRC, there are workarounds, interest from upstream in patching it over, and there's a big chance they'll both all be on one big server and/or have a social network big enough on a server that papers over federation quirks.

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