So there's very little likelyhood this'll actually get seen by any of the current influx of people coming in off of Twitter, but I wonder what their initial reactions are to any of our other deliberate design differences are? Like, the only-hashtags searching, the no quoting, etc.?

@gaditb The lack of quote boosting is awkward, although there's workarounds I can see. (The LB idea mentioned elsewhere, or... could you boost your own reply to the toot, to get it to show to all of your followers, yet appear in the context of the original toot?)

Only hashtags searching, I'm for that - makes it easy to not have to say things like "GooberGrape" to avoid bot armies.

@gaditb The only other issue I see is in the federation design.

On a large instance like, it's not an issue at all, but those on small/personal instances will have a harder time with discovery of users and things going on, until they slowly federate in. Maybe somewhat recursive federation would help?

@gaditb Actually, one other issue, related to something that @coryw pointed out here:

I saw an entire blog post from a Friendica instance show up in the federated timeline, which is worse (meanwhile, on the actual Friendica instance, it had a "show more" link). Should there maybe be an option for a length cutoff that forces a "show more" link for very long toots/posts?

@bhtooefr @coryw I think that actually have been implemented in @bea 's codebase?
(I SHOULD know whether or not actually, because I have a dev.glitch account, but I don't use it very much...)
(Which is running on (obviously), ad well as @djsundog 's , and some others maybe I believe?
Does or run it?)

@gaditb @bhtooefr @bea @djsundog

That almost makes it worse, from the perspective of someone who doesn't have skills as a coder or a web app administrator. @calvin instealled a freebsd package to make this happen and something that might make the experience better is only on the software on a handfull of nodes. Granted, "show all" won't fix the pretty blatant abuse problem of posting 500 of the same emoji all at once.

@coryw @gaditb @bea @djsundog @calvin Although, does's codebase end up contributing developed features to upstream? Because if it does, then I wouldn't say that that makes it worse, it makes it better.

@bhtooefr @coryw @gaditb @djsundog @calvin we contribute what upstream will take but I do not think collapsing is one of those things.

@bea @bhtooefr @gaditb @djsundog @calvin Glad to hear it, because that does mean eventually when freebsd's packagers get new versions, the improvements will be there for people running their instances that way.

I feel the need to double down on not thinking that collapsing long posts isn't as important as people considering how they use length and how to compose posts to make them readable.

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