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bhtooefr @bhtooefr

Core M (or m3/i5/i7-Y nowadays) laptops with mechanical keyboards.

Boost if you agree.

@bhtooefr 2015-2016 Retina MacBook for best laptop keyboard

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@bhtooefr Agree what? That there should be more of them in the $300-400 range? YES!

@ivanassen Or more of them period. @calvin pointed out that the MacBook (Retina display) has one technically, although that's not what I was thinking of when I tooted that.

@bhtooefr @calvin Yes, the 12-inch Macbook is an amazing little critter for its size. Pity there's nothing comparable at PC prices.

@ivanassen @calvin To be fair, anything at that quality level will also be in that price bracket.

@bhtooefr @calvin Some Chinese ex-tablet/phone companies have started to move in an interesting direction - small, all-metal, decent build quality - but they are fond of the Celeron N3450, which is way slower. And no mechanical keyboards, of course :-)