I just realized that the "i for Pleasure" thing could totally be misinterpreted as a badly drawn Hitachi Magic Wand.

...fuck it, that makes it funnier.

@bhtooefr This reminds me of an article in PoC||GTFO about pretty z/OS mainframe ASCII art.

@samis Found the article: unpack.debug.su/pocorgtfo/poco

...holy crap, that really is Man Versus System.

I had the benefit of SDA to develop my QDSIGNON, made things *far* easier than that.

@samis Also I don't remember it being that hard on VM/ESA, either, when I did this.

@saper @samis It's an R/390, which is... well, it's IBM hardware, and the processor is an actual S/390-compatible processor, so we'll go with bare metal.

The processor is mounted on a MCA card with 32 MiB of storage, and a second MCA card bolted to it with another 96 MiB. The MCA cards then go into a PS/2 running OS/2 (making a P/390) or an RS/6000 running AIX (making an R/390), and then software on the host emulates all of the mainframe I/O.

@samis @saper The R/390 software is /incredibly/ janky, as it's a bad port of the OS/2 P/390 software, but I wanted to use an RS/6000 as the host for better SCSI support, and because an RS/6000 Model 250 was physically smaller than any PS/2 that could host it.

@bhtooefr @samis RS/6000 and S/390 in one - I am incredibly jealous! I have used 40P and 43P as a workstation for years.

@saper @samis Also, this thing is part of a whole family of mainframe-on-PC hardware and software that the VM team was largely responsible for.

* XT/370 (basically two hacked 68000s with partial S/370 emulation microcode, enough to get CMS running)
* AT/370 (ditto)
* 7437 VM/SP Technical Workstation (a PS/2 Model 60/80-sized tower, that you cabled to a MCA card in your Model 60/70/80, and gave you a full S/370)
* Personal/370 Adapter/A (faster 7437, on a card)

@samis @saper

* Personal/390 Adapter/A - what I have, shipped in the PC Server 500 System/390 and PC Server 520 System/390
* A PCI version of the P/390 Adapter/A - shipped in the PC Server 330 System/390
* P/390E - faster, more RAM, shipped in later PCS 330 System/390 configurations and S/390 Integrated Server
* Multiprise 3000 - a full S/390 G5, but with P/390-style I/O
* z/PDT - the R/390 software ported back to x86, running on RHEL, with a z/Arch CPU emulator

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