Fediverse: what is your favorite retrocomputing platform?

(I'll define "retrocomputing" as "at least 20 years old" for these purposes.)

(Boosting to get some more responses, I have some project ideas, and I'm wondering what platform would be most interesting to people.)

@bhtooefr personally, my guilty pleasures are

* the classic mac os; the UI is so well thought out it persists to this day
* nextstep; a unix with an interesting parallel ecosystem that prevents it from being yet another boring commercial unix
* palm os *and* winCE; I really appreciate the pre-iPhone mobile devices for what they tried and the fledging ecosystem crippled by apathy and ineptitude on the platform holder part - havent been familar with symbian et al sadly

@bhtooefr Something like a Sparcstation 5 is still pretty versatile and has support from a wide range of operating systems.

@bhtooefr Commodore 64. Closely followed by the Atari XEGS.

Going with Classic Macintosh OS. It got so much of the UI right the first time around.

@bhtooefr Lisp Machine, Pascal uEngine, Data General Aviion, ONYX Z-8000.

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