Fun fact: Windows doesn't actually use just the extension to determine executability, it uses a permission on ACL

@calvin i wonder if you can start a program without .exe directly from cmd or explorer? (i have a bunch)

@katex @calvin I can't get it to do it - using Explorer or start filename I get the unassociated file dialog, using the filename alone the shell cannot recognize the command.

@katex @bhtooefr might also be doable with APIs; though I'm unsure if you'd have to invoke from the Win32 level, POSIX/Linux level, or the NT native level

@calvin @bhtooefr yup cygwin will launch programs without extensions no issue, and i think it uses Win32 process APIs
i've been thinking of modifying cygwin so it doesn't use .exe extensions, because i don't like them

@katex @calvin I feel like that's cheating a bit. :P

Fun fact: both Explorer and cmd.exe can launch a .EXE that has a .COM or .PIF extension without a problem.

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