and test #7, just as a quick check, from MastoFE this time. should be the last one.

testing a fifth time (the second test didn't work) with an incorrect, known, and unsupported-by-Mastodon filetype

testing again, with an incorrect, but known, file type

Well, that's a big 💩 - RISC OS doesn't seem to have any emoji support at all, even in Unicode-enabled applications like NetSurf. Some people (*cough* @techfury @katex *cough*) will be rather disappointed.

Oh no, I think @netkitty became !Kitten.!RunImage instead of KITTEN.EXE!

My new tires have friggin' leaves molded into the sidewall.

So green. (Never mind all the petroleum that went into making them.)

They even match the (also made of petroleum) floormats that my car (which runs on petroleum) came with. So amazingly green!


last I checked, Germany hadn't taken Molsheim back from France, Konami

(OK, OK, it's actually a Dauer EB110, but...)

I feel like notifications of favorites and boosts could be collapsed to make the notifications pane a lot more useful.

Here's an example of how it could be done better (there's some things I don't like about this, Kinja's system - I would like some context of what was recomended - but it's closer than Mastodon's notifications pane IMO).

Take a Mitsubishi Minicab, the current generation is boxy enough to make this work (although you'll have to do something to the D pillar). (Source:

Skin it to look like one of the early Chrysler minivans. (Credit: By CetteUneVoiture - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Congratulations. You now have a kei car K car.

So you know how people dress Subaru Sambars up to look like Volkswagen Transporters (source:, or Honda Vamoses to look like old Dodge B-series vans (source:

I have... an idea. A bad idea.

Not a fan of sliders, or miss *real* Palm OS? That's cool, have a Centro - although it's 21.4 mm taller (modern technology could shrink that...), it's the same width as a credit card. (I actually daily drove a Centro for about a year.)

Reminder that once upon a time, you could get a smolphone - half a millimeter wider, and 1.6 mm shorter than a credit card - meant to be your primary phone, and even having a keyboard for actual productivity.

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Here, have a square foot of bunny this morning, stolen from imgur.

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