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An opinion on communications technology (and a chat session with @enkiv2 )

Trying to see if I can pick up the Altair that's playing music through broadband RF interference. (I don't think it's playing right now?)

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Uhh, FreeBSD, what are you doing with those dependencies?

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Two adorable things.

The Honda Motocompo, a 49 cc scooter designed to be folded up and put in the back of a Honda City subcompact (one size smaller than the Civic):

The Lasercompo, a 1/6 scale wooden model of the Motocompo:

Not gonna lie, I want both.

Yay, found out that there's a keyboard fix out there for international ROMs on a RHOD210 (TMOUS), and found a stock 6.1 ROM for RHOD100 (European unlocked) - not the very latest, but it'll do.

Keyboard fix:

Random fact that I'm highly amused by: the Gen 4 (2016+) Toyota Prius Liftback's gearing means that it reaches full engine power at 88 mph. (OK, 87.777 mph, but same difference.)





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Oh jeez, Best Tours (who commissioned the 1992 Jumbocruiser) apparently had a bi-articulated concept coach.

What the fuck.

Compare to what I believe is the actual 1992 Jumbocruiser.

And then, equally insane is the Neoplan Jumbocruiser, a double-decker articulated coach, at 18 meters long.

Maximum capacity was designed as 144 passengers for the original version, although as I understand, the customers tended towards luxury instead, one version even being a sleeper bus.

The original 1975-1986 version was a puller, with the engine in the middle, only allowing pass-through at the upper level.

A later version moved to a rear engine, allowing pass-through at both levels.

Or, here's the Volvo Gran Artic 300 chassis, and what I believe is a rendering of a body on it, a chassis intended for 30 m long buses for the Brazilian market, with up to 300 passengers.

Oh, hey, finally booted and logged in. Not sure how long it actually took, I was doing some other things.

Holy hell, this is slow, BUT IT IS LOADING.