"Rambler cars are built and marketed in South Africa by Toyota S.A. Ltd., wholly owned and controlled by South Africans."

...I have lots of questions about how that came to pass.

Source: jalopnik.com/its-time-we-bring

Review of a Socovel electric motorcycle from 1936: visforvoltage.org/forum/11775-

That reviewer really abused the battery pack - taking a 36 volt nominal lead acid pack down to 9 volts!

That range was quite abysmal, too, 27.5 mi with that level of abuse to the pack.

Hmm... (ignore the error message, I had a few missing deps)

Cold take: the Salsbury Model 85 Imperial Rocket is an absolutely *gorgeous* scooter.

(Source: nationalmcmuseum.org/1947-sals)

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So here's a couple pictures of an LS1 engine with its dimensions.

I'm going to ignore the full height, and assume that the crossmember's in the way.

A Tesla Model S battery module is 3.1" tall (so you can fit seven tall), 11.9" wide, and 26.2" long.

IIRC, the pack has 16 modules.

So, proposed layout: 2 longitudinally-mounted modules wide for 3 layers, then 3 transversely-mounted modules wide for 4 layers.

This gives you 18 modules basically in the space of an LS1 engine. (Heavier, though.)

Oh, hey, an example of what I think I want in a smartphone form factor (very much the wrong OS though, it's WM6.5).

Portrait LCD (3.7" 640x480 transflective - high enough resolution that text won't look bad, low enough that the CPU won't be taxed, and transflective means it doesn't need to overpower the sun with a backlight)
Hard navigation keys below that
Compact physical keyboard below that

Put a modern but low-power modem on that, a modest CPU, and have the OS follow my previous ideas...

Oh, you thought the Dreamlifter was a *cargo* plane?

No, it's a passenger 747, just adapted for Americans.

(Attribution: By Boeing_747-409LCF_Dreamlifter.jpg: scott wrightderivative work: Altair78 (Boeing_747-409LCF_Dreamlifter.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/b)], via Wikimedia Commons - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil)

Hey, set up some weather with some thermals, do a winch launch, pop the motor out while being launched, and run it full throttle up to OVER 9000 feet (MSL, not AGL), and it works pretty nicely!

(The engine automatically folds away at 6% battery, this is just as it shut down and started folding away. And the destination is listed as KVTA, but that's where I launched from, I'm seeing how far east I can get and using the distance counter for that.)

Since when did adding AI make anything *simpler*?

(Really, I want Palm OS again, but actually good on smartphones, unlike actual Palm OS...)

An idea for a keyboard layout for this thing: keyboard-layout-editor.com/#/g

This fits in exactly the same space as the 200LX layout (keys aren't square in reality), but is heavily inspired by the 300/320/360LX layout (which is similar to the 620/660LX layout).

And no, attaching a USB mouse is not a valid answer, either.

I'm going to propose copying the Toshiba Librettos.

They essentially had a TrackPoint mounted on the lid, with the buttons on the back, as depicted here. It may be worth reversing the arrangement (so the stick is on the outside for the index finger, and the buttons are on the inside for the thumb), but it's not a bad idea, TBH.

(Images stolen from enira.net/?p=313)

The plot thickens... This is on the same system, booted to bare DOS.

Oh, Lenohno.

(What exactly does the process of verifiring my PayPal account entail?)

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