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If you follow me here, I've moved to @bhtooefr and will only use this account as a backup.

Please follow me over there!

If you follow me here, I've moved to @bhtooefr and will only use this account as a backup.

Please follow me over there!

@kaniini @pea @the_gayest_doggo but I was told that cops always had to tell you when they were cops, otherwise it's ~ENTRAPMENT~

@diodelass don't forget the fourth kind

the kind that twitter hasn't implemented yet, so Gargron doesn't have them as a source of inspiration yet

BTW, although follower import isn't working so I haven't actually followed anyone that I follow here over there, if you follow me, you probably want to follow me over at @bhtooefr

@Gargron wait

so when someone complains about a feature being deployed to RCs or release builds, you complain they should have said something on GitHub

when people say something about a discussion on GitHub, the medium that you've directed people to for discussion of future Mastodon functionality, you complain that the post was "basically internal communications between regular contributors"

something wrong here tbh

@pea tbh that actually sounds really fuckin' good

add some tomato soup, and yeah

@staticsafe For that matter, when even chat programs have formatting syntax (mIRC's control code markup, irssi has limited parsing of _underlines_ and *asterisks* for emphasis, the old IM clients had lots of formatting options, and "modern" chat systems have Markdown), and microblogging is a step up from chat programs in spontaneity (read: you're *more* likely to use formatting)...

@adamk678 I believe keyword mutes are a client-side thing only anyway

user mutes I don't believe are timed in any Fediverse software?

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So what’s the difference between prosciutto and amateursciutto?

idea for Fediverse software: timed mute

mute a user, but only for a certain time period, with customizable permeability (for instance, maybe allow them to directly reply to you, but not appear in your home timeline)

this way, when someone's being lewd as fuck and you're at work, you can mute them and not forget to unmute them when you're no longer at work

(yes this is a subpost)

(and the specific user I'm subposting has suggested another feature that could deal with this equally well before)

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if you think people are making a conscious decision to not save enough to retire, I will invite you to look at the moldering corpse of "pensions" and suggest you hunt for the real killers

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@Lingondraken Using a VPN? Got a machine with malware on your network? Running a Tor exit node?

Those are typically the kinds of things that cause captchas to happen a lot...

@crodges @hund My own lists (all assuming US ANSI layout) of what I'd recommend based on what you've posted so far... all of this is going to be loudly clicky and sharply tactile, though.

One of the Unicomp keyboards (descendants of the original IBM Model Ms):

Matias Tactile Pro 4 (Mac-optimized, although there is a discontinued PC version):

I'm not a fan of Cherry MX switches, though, which greatly reduces what I can recommend.

implied violence 

@freakazoid This thing is almost certainly not actually legal for use in most of Ohio except on private property (Columbus has explicitly legalized them though, but I'm not in Columbus), but eh.

(It's a Xiaomi M365. Technically, because it has a motor and doesn't have pedals, except for having under 5 hp and therefore being banned from freeways, Ohio would make no other distinction between it and, say, a Kawasaki Ninja H2...)

@MeowMeowMeow @lynnesbian technical limitations dating back ~145 years or so, with a dash of making it easier for an untrained user to market (TYPEWRITER in the top row entirely)

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