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@pinkprius Also, as I've seen pointed out elsewhere on the Fediverse, arguably this illustrates a problem with the phrase "late stage capitalism" - the same problems and worse were happening over 100 years ago, and capitalism hasn't ended.

@pinkprius The funny thing is, Monopoly (or more correctly, The Landlord's Game) was even originally designed as illustrative of the problems with concentration of capital.

The problem is that the anti-monopolist rule-set was discarded, and the endgame of the monopolist ruleset became the goal, rather than a lesson about the failures of monopoly.

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Did you hear the one about the arctic birds who ate an entire marijuana field?

There was no tern left unstoned.

@netkitty *gets the can opener, and starts opening a can of /dev/urandom*

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Yeah, people have a rosy view of the Clintons because Bill's presidency came after Reagan and before Bush/9-11. It's easy to remember it as a golden age when it was book-ended by shit on either side, but like with the 2016 election, just because other things are worse doesn't necessarily make the Clintons okay.
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I love that the BSOD Xscreensaver has a cryptolocker mode

@LexYeen Er, Sun Trip.

Here's the thread where I found out that was a thing:

@LexYeen But yeah, recumbent trikes themselves can be had for a lot less, and then electrified without too much work (add a rear hub motor to one with a derailleur, or if you've got one with a really stiff boom, add one to the bottom bracket).

@LexYeen Apparently it's $15k, though.

I feel like you could do a solar-assisted e-trike for a lot less, and AFAIK the Sun Ride's participants tend to do just that.

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"YouTube May Add to the Burdens of Humble Wikipedia" by John Herrman

Treatment of free labor from Wikipedia seems similar to treatment of free labor from OSS.