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@pea @lain I know Mastodon strips (unless the instance admin removed that code) EXIF for you, does Pleroma?

@finn Mac App Store can do what you want.

I think Flatpak et. al. can do what you want.

Except for advertising IDs, Windows Store apps can do what you want (including Centennialized Win32).

@finn So your problem is with the integrity of the sandbox, not the fact that it's not the web.

Android certainly has plenty of issues with its security model, but I'm speaking of the broader concepts here - Instant Apps can conceptually do what you want. Java Web Start can conceptually do what you want, even if Java is so hideously broken that it doesn't matter (and Java Web Start is itself being taken out back and shot).

And, if you don't need a zero-friction experience...

@tsundoku @finn @scanlime @calvin Mind you, I think most applications of "let's put it in JavaScript!" simply shouldn't be done, and most uses of Instant Apps on Android are also bad and wrong.

Most of the time, it should just be raw HTML, either viewed in a browser, or as an RSS/Atom payload viewed in a message-reading client.

But, if you actually need sandboxed code? Instant Apps is a way to go.

@tsundoku @finn @scanlime @calvin Also look at the Instant Apps initiative on Android, and Java Web Start (although Java isn't actually native, but bear with me here).

Both approaches give frictionless launching of a sandboxed application that works in the native UI environment - no need to manually install, but executing outside of the browser UI and executing far more efficient code than JavaScript+CSS+HTML DOM.

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chrome is basically internet explorer, but without any attempts at an antitrust lawsuit against it

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Mind you, I'd actually go for some design tweaks for the modern era - make the camper narrower even if it has to be a bit longer, as a 7 foot wide trailer will be quite a bit wider than a modern compact car - 5.5 to 6 feet wide would be better.

This would also require reconfiguring the bed layout to no longer be sideways.

I'm wondering how modern design and materials could be applied to things like the early 1960s small-size Hi-Lo campers, like this:

That camper would've been in the ballpark of 1300 lbs, with a steel frame and wood body. With modern construction, however, I suspect it could be taken below 1000 lbs, and therefore be reasonably towable even with many compact cars. (Never mind that in the US they don't get tow ratings...)

@animeirl Yeah, almost all of the shares are in institutional investors' hands, not workers' hands.

@animeirl Looks like they do give stock options to employees, but it's performance-based, and holding options isn't holding ownership until the options are exercised (which requires vesting).

And then, of course, there's the contractors.

I'd be unsurprised if I own more TSLA stock than the average Tesla worker, and I don't own that much.

@animeirl It's obviously not what he meant, but he did pretty much come right up to it...

@animeirl Although, he actually stumbles on the right answer - worker-owned businesses.

(Worker-owned businesses > capital-owned businesses with unions > capital-owned businesses without unions)

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Now that you're all here, lets recite the motto:

"I don't deserve to be a member of impostor club because I am not an impostor."

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is it so hard to show a diff of the terms of service when you change them smh

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Hello #amateurradio community! We are an amateur radio club from Germany. Our clubstation is DK0YA. Toots will be mostly in German.

Please boost, so that we can connect to other amateurs!