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@benhamill Work? I think you mean salariedspace.

Courtroom? I think you mean pleadspace.

DriveSavers? I think you mean undeletespace.

The gym? I think you mean secretespace.

@benhamill Also works for retrocomputing festivals.

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A mud hut? I think you mean obsoletespace.

Wall Street? I think you mean greedspace.

A restroom? I think you mean peedspace.

A bakery? I think you mean kneadspace.

The county recorder's office? I think you mean deedspace.

A milking parlor? I think you mean teatspace.

A bog? I think you mean peatspace.

One of the Guinness World Records television series? I think you mean featspace.

A blood donation center? I think you mean bleedspace.

A tailor's store? I think you mean pleatspace.

One last toot about this. For comparison, here's a few other plug-in hybrids in the market, and how they compare.

Note that these are in the same size class as the Audi A3, albeit lower performance.

Packaging is compromised for the Prius Prime (they planned for a smaller battery than they used) and Volt (huge battery), but the Ioniq is packaged identically to the Audi (and also has a nearly identical drivetrain layout - single motor through a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox).

Another PHEV I like to make fun of is the Audi A3 e-tron sportback - it's even smaller, a few hundred pounds lighter than the "MINI"... but this is what it gets (with the Volkswagen Jetta with a similar engine, and the GTI (basically the same car otherwise) with similar performance, for comparison).

This certainly isn't good - being about as efficient as a 2.5 ton 7 seat barge, when you're a compact car, is not good - but at least the hybrid system seems to actually function and help out.

Not only that, but in charge sustaining mode (gas mode, after the battery's depleted), it's only barely more efficient than the non-hybrids - both one with the same engine and one with similar performance? What even.

Worth noting that the Pacifica Hybrid is a 7 seat, 2.5 ton barge of a vehicle. It's not the kind of vehicle that's known for efficiency, yet it's still getting 84 MPGe combined on electric, and 32 MPG combined on gas - completely respectable for a van.

The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4, though? That's a significantly smaller vehicle (although not actually mini), over half a ton lighter, and it's *less* efficient than the Pacifica?

What are you doing, BMW/MINI?

What are you even doing?