@lain solution: forbid updating if the post has been interacted with, or have a time limit on updating?

@pea the thing that fucks with me is of all things, Death Wish is the one coffee I take black, and that's a fucking Robusta blend

@pea @Tanuki and that'd likely be enough headroom to handle bursts of a few minutes of 1 kW for cooking with an induction cooktop, if that's what you use the overhead for, instead, if you're putting that much solar in

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@pea @Tanuki I'm basically under the impression that a lot of home optimizations are impractical on an RV - excellent insulation (think Passivhaus-grade) increases the weight and decreases space, good heat pump systems aren't well suited to RV use, nobody's optimized things correctly for non-fossil fueled HVAC AFAICT, and you're much more limited in how much solar you can have.

But yeah, being able to roam away from energy-intensive climates on a seasonal basis would help.

@pea @Tanuki ah, true, a lot of these people *are* using hideously inefficient homes before going to the RV life, but you can do a lot more with a fixed structure - I was thinking optimized home vs. RV.

@pea @Tanuki citation on the environmental footprint?

(I'm suspecting energy carbon footprint is higher due to higher transportation energy demands, but also less-effective insulation, less-efficient air conditioners, and propane being preferred for heating (with RV heat pumps being less efficient and very much less effective).)

@Tanuki I wonder how long before someone builds a Super C RV on a Tesla Semi chassis

(Also, as a less electrified, much smaller option, I wonder how long before someone builds a European-style camper van on a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid - not much EV range, but when it's rated for 32 MPG on gasoline...)

@Tanuki seriously, this is a huge problem - I get wanting a nomadic lifestyle, but there has to be a better way.

(hint: it involves electrifying the shit out of it)

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“Well we didn’t burn enough fossil fuels, how can we speed up the apocalypse?

What if we used gasoline to push our whole house around constantly for years?”

@mew unit and record separator would make so much more sense, that actually adds semantics that would tell the editor what's really going on

@mew tabs for indentation are fine, although amusingly they break horribly for tabulation, unless everyone agrees on the same tab stops (they don't) and uses fixed-width fonts

@lain The problem is that the tools for managing this stuff are poor, and the workflows become very clunky even on desktop, and almost unworkable on mobile.

IMO, having at least the option to strip it would greatly improve safety for people.

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Reminder: people complaining about "political correctness" are basically complaining that they can't be dicks to other human beings and get away with it.

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At this time twenty years ago, in far off 1998, I was completely mentally invested in delivering rich interactive multimedia experiences to people using 56k dialup connections and set top boxes in their living rooms.

Now you have smart TVs. I won, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST

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