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Idea: Group accounts, which somehow forward DMs and mentions to approved accounts.

This could be used for a few things - admin accounts on instances for when you want to contact an admin and notify all administrators, organization accounts where multiple Fediverse users are responsible for the account, and maybe even bot accounts in some scenarios (for instance, if someone needs to report a bad message from a bot to the bot's owner).

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when vivaldi pushes your load average up to 10

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Project Wonderful was the single last decent advertising service and I will miss it dearly. It didn't do any tracking, it wasn't invasive, there were no "bad ads". It was an image and a link. Sometimes a GIF. You had 100% control over what happened.

And now it's gone.

The obituary is here; it's worth reading.

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As an indication of how incredibly inefficient the engine of a traditional gas combustion vehicle is:

A lithium ion battery pack that stores 60.0 kilowatt-hours of energy is equivalent to only about 1.8 gallons of gasoline. But that is enough to drive a 238-mile range.

Stupid idea: ircsh, or maybe tootsh.

So many times, I've seen a shell command fired into an IRC channel, that... why not try to execute shell commands on a VM of some kind?

(You'd need to do some sort of protection to avoid someone networking it through code written in the shell, but...)

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cyberpunk infighting Show more

Elongated Muskrat (bonus Lance Ulanoff content, cannot be found on Mastodon, only Twitter) Show more

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if you want to be a nerd, care about something and mean it

Watching a video about Bus Simulator 18, and apparently the plot is that your city is finally getting mass transit again, so here's your brand new ACTUAL BUS to drive!

Where's the bus simulator with a plot of starting transit service in a city that's never had it, where your starting vehicle choices are a Plymouth Grand Voyager Braun Entervan (so old it's actually a Plymouth), and a Ford E-450 cutaway conversion with a V10 running on 9 cylinders because it blew a plug out?

OK, if Vivaldi freezes on video when switching tabs one more time, even after this video driver update, I think I'm switching back to Firefox...

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hey wouldn't it be cool if pinterest stopped existing and google image results actually led to the original source

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free speech
open speech
net speech
dragonfly speech

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@katex @bob
Can we as a society finally talk about how business laptops still stick to 1366x768 in 2018 while even a $150 ultraportable can have a 1080p screen?
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2.4.1 is coming out today, beginning to compile release notes.

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Being told to RTFM by a hecking printer