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@Jephjacques I feel like your avatar should say "toot", not "poot", given the platform.

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Non-tracking, no-Javascript #social media sharing buttons.

Of course, other than email, they are for user-hostile websites. But at least you can use them to let people who *do* use those sites to share your material.

And if you still use those sites, putting these buttons on your site may make it easier to #POSSE (publish on own site, syndicate elsewhere).

Idea for : Foot-pedal sink controls. I think a lot less water would be used if you could use a foot to shut off/turn on water while doing things with your hands (washing dishes, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc).

Yay, my test of reply-boosting does work for providing context to a boosted toot within the boosted toot's own thread.

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@calvin @TrollDecker Although AArch64 drops that (and the free conditional execution, IIRC).

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@TrollDecker free barrel shift with every opcode! limited while supplies last!

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If Adobe ever change the prechecked box to unchecked, for optional crapware with their update download, I am screwed.

Random thought that I know I've expressed on IRC: The 200LX is, I think, my favorite handheld computing device of all time.

The keyboard layout could be better, but everything else is extremely well thought out - and they didn't just put DOS on a palmtop, they actually made a really good PIM on top of it. It's definitely a device of its time, but I feel like modern devices could learn a lot from it.

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I just misread github as githug, and now I'm convinced that it should exist.

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The HP 2624BHP 2624B Display Station from 1981 is one of those things that scream "I am a computer" (but it's technically, a terminal)

It had a monochrome 11" CRT

That keyboard looks gorgeous

These photos are by Thomas Schanz who kindly uploaded them to the WikiMedia commons

You can get the HP reference manual on

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The HP 2647A came a bit later, but didn't have the same beautiful internals. It came with the same 64K/64K RAM/ROM and had the same 8080A CPU clocked at 2.4575MHz.

The outside was reworked a bit

This version had 720 dots and 360 rows for graphics. The screen size was the same. The key caps weren't multi-color like the 2645A, probably to save costs

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I'm guessing the 1985 "BookMac" concept eventually became the Macbook of today

There were multiple versions with the top being a glorified PDA (before PDAs were a thing) and the lower left a portable mobile, complete with receiver. The lower right model is probably what we'd call a "laptop" today

These were concepts by the Frog Design company of Hartmut Esslinger who was also responsible for other Apple designs from 1984 - 1990

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The HP 2645A terminal had some gorgeous internals. The display wasn't bad either and the designers definitely aesthetics as a focus. This keyboard is missing a couple of caps. You can tell the dome shaped keys are typical of the 80s

This one had a 12" (diagonal) CRT at a typical 24 lines x 80 columns. It had 64K RAM and 64K ROM and came with an RS-232 port

So for now, looks like I'll use Mstdn ( for my client.

It's an Electron wrapper, something I hate, but I haven't found a client I like yet, and it's a somewhat better experience than just leaving a browser window open to Mastodon.

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Neat project to convert a Model S to a station wagon/estate, covered by Fully Charged:

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i often just say what goes thru my head
case in point

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So gopher!


gopher is neat!

gopher is weird!

gopher is, as far as I can tell, really easy to publish to and to consume from!

There are only a few hundred gophersites out there right now, and we should give it some love.

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