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“I miss the days when Slashdot was...”

You misremembered. It was never what your nostalgia wanted it to be

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Silently boosting...

Sometimes I just want a message to exist on different instances, I don't want to boost it up again, and/or push it into my timeline.

There's a trick for that. If you copy paste the direct link to a post into your search-box, that instance imports it and it exists there on the federated timeline and will appear in searches.

You can find the direct link by right-clicking the post-date of a post and selecting 'copy link location'.


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This week in "I have more money than sense" Elon Musk plans to send his car to orbit Mars forever because... uh... because he can, that's why

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@nev @susannah
You are right @nev, the "efficiency" argument is moot. The streets are still the same 2d space, the cars are still the same size, running at the same speed, going to the same places.
There may be less accidents, and in some large cities there may be less traffic jams if traffic control decides to route your drive around to avoid the jam. But that defeats the whole point of being ultraindividualistic, placing your individualism in the hands of a centrally planned driver.

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@susannah @h urban planning Twitter is tearing its hair out over this. Self-driving cars take up exactly the same space as the normal kind, there'll still be massive traffic jams, public transit is still more efficient. Like why aren't we talking about self-driving buses? ("Self-driving" light rail is already a thing.)

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@h Right? Like why wouldn't we just build decent public transit?

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Self-driving cars are the dream of ultra-individualist unsocieties.

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the year is 3226 and elon musk has done it. he has seen into the simulation, found its code, and now sits aghast at the screen. semicolons and whitespace appear intermittently, seemingly without reason. he recognizes this. he remembers it in the vestiges of his mammalian remains.

brendan eich steps from the shadows. “yes elon. it is javascript. it has always been javascript”

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FACT: thousands of years of human effort are wasted every day by people googling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and copying and pasting it

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The IBM Model M, buckling spring, key switch is now more than 32 years old. It's amazing how even today, its simplicity, resistance to dust/dirt, and reliability are rarely matched

I think only hall effect switches come close to matching them in reliability. But those are bloody expensive. If I had a 3D printer or laser cutter, I wonder if I could make a few

*breaks open piggy bank*

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4th place!

Crashed into a few AI cars, but no major damage to my car. Did have to change my strategy, but it all worked out.

Doing another racing stream, this time another attempt at 100 laps, -Francorchamps, TS040 .

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urban transportation is a prisoner's dilemma. if everyone uses transit, everyone gets to their destination quickly and smoothly. if some people defect and take cars, their trips are faster at the expense of everyone else. if everyone defects, everyone ends up parked in traffic.

the solution is to remove the individual benefits of defecting, by prioritizing infrastructure for transit and banning cars in urban centers. most US cities do the opposite, and that's why getting around is so miserable

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@Sci You want AJAX features in your web page? Great! What you want is no longer a web page, it's now an application. We'll run it in a separate environment.

You want to mandate AJAX features so that I can read your news article or watch your video? That's probably actually sketchy!

And then you've got shit like: which illustrates the tracking problem back in 2009. (it's worse now.)

AMD missed an opportunity when they named Zen's interconnect protocol, Infinity Fabric.

They should've named it Infinity External Interface.

Then they would've had NUMA NUMA IEI, NUMA NUMA NUMA IEI.

I didn't finish last! That counts for something, right?

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@Famine Never underestimate the bandwidth of a pigeon full of micro-SD cards.