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I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

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Mind you, smaller variants could be done, too - I think the ELF (or the similar and competing PEBL) is too big for what it is, and you could do something smaller, lower, sleeker that's still relatively easy to get in and out of, unlike the sports velomobiles. Build it light enough, and you might even be able to offer it without electric assist.

Also, while the Multipla reserved the area below the rear window for the engine alone, the ELF puts its rear wheel and some additional cargo space there.

Why not make a 4-wheeler? Legal reasons, really - while European regulations tend allow electric pedal assist cycles to have 4 wheels, American regulations only account for 2 or 3-wheelers.

Stability, especially when loaded, is a concern... but using a single rear wheel along with small outrigger wheels to catch a rollover could help there.

Logically, it follows that you could stretch the wheelbase of an ELF-like design, and add a middle seating row, reserving the rear row for children only.

Also, it could be possible to remove or collapse the seating, at which point you could have a large enclosed cargo area - note that while the Multipla is significantly wider than this idea and doesn't require the second row to straddle the front seat, but here's how that could look.

The most prominent example of a utility-oriented with a back seat is the Organic Transit ELF 2FR, as seen here. The back seat is right up against the rear bulkhead, and can hold 2 small children, or 1 adult straddling the front seat.

(Note that I think the ELF is too wide for cycling infrastructure, at 1226 mm wide - ideally, 850 mm is about as wide as you want to go - but I think the basic layout would still work.)

OK, so here's a niche that might be underserved in - vans.

Most velomobiles are single-seater sports velos, there's a couple designs with a back seat, and there are various cargo trikes (but most aren't enclosed).

First, let's look at this, the Fiat 600 Multipla, one of the earlier minivans in existence (I could've used the Volkswagen Type 2, as well, tbh, but this is smaller).

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Can I recommend a quick study of the PiTubeDirect project? It's a bare-metal ARM project which uses the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore CPU to bitbang responses to a 2MHz 6502 bus, so it can emulate a number of second processor architectures from a Zero plugged discreetly into a BBC micro.

Whereby we get a fast 6502, Z80, x86, 6809 and superfast ARM attachments for our 1980's computing device. Oh, and a 32-bit NS32k too, to run Fortran benchmarks.


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Reminder that slavery is still alive and well in the United States.

A recent report published in Reveal highlights the abuses of an alleged "Christian" "rehabilitation" program that forces convicts to work in chicken processing plants for free. This is injustice in its most awful form.

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@tcql Funny how Obamacare opponents would rave about "socialist death panels" when we already have #CapitalistDeathPanels (aka HMOs).

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If you're at #CES, please ask #Intel, why *exactly* can't they just do a microcode update to invalidate the bad speculative loads?

They can microcode *new instructions*, why not a "if (!predict) flush_speculative_load();"

"For those who work in coffee shops and often use public Wi-Fi, WPA3 will also have individualized data encryption that will strengthen privacy in open networks."

Depending on how that works, this could be *very* helpful for pirateboxes and the like...

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@rotatingskull 2018: your toaster is now mining ToastCoin for some dudes in North Korea.

Which isn't that bad, actually, since it makes it hotter, toast gets toasted sooner.

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@zatnosk No problem. I agree that words are important. But maybe Anarchy has too many meanings.

I would agree that what exist in the places I described is not anarchy, but I believe it started from anarchy. In my pessimism I think order can't exist without systems, and systems need people with power to enforce it, and if there are people with power you now have hierarchy.

But maybe I am biased towards pessimism when it comes to social structures.

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“An in-depth analysis of the 80x86 processor families identifies architectural properties that may have unexpected, and undesirable, results in secure computer systems. In addition, reported implementation errors in some processor versions render them undesirable for secure systems because of potential security and reliability problems.”

“This analysis is being performed under the auspices of the National Security Agency’s Trusted Product Evaluation Program (TPEP).”

“1995” 🤔

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All the arguments against severely cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions are petty, suicidal and insane. Mass extinction is acceptable because your country wants to become prosperous and needs cheap coal? There's nothing to discuss. Emissions need to stop yesterday, and yes, it's going to be very painful, but again, these are petty concerns.

Our geopolitical system is poorly equipped to handle emergencies where everyone needs to swallow their pride and pitch in.

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2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

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One thing we need to accept is that there is some *amazing* proprietary software out there. We need to do better, or present a compelling alternative, while letting free software developers earn a living.

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